Thursday, July 24, 2008

Week 14....

So today (at least from what the doc's tell me) I am 14 weeks pregnant.. Wahooooooo....
So I thought that I would share a bit of information about El and I and our first pregnancy together (Emer) and the thing I used to do on a weekly basis..

When I was pregnant with Emer, it was hard for El at first because I had already been pregnant and I kind of knew what to expect.. But he was new at it, and he wanted to be really involved.. (if you know El, you know that he loves to be involved in everything he can) So almost every week I would send him these funny little things that I had found on one of those baby websites ( i wish i could remember which one).. During that time, the two of us both worked at Convergys so I would usually see him after I would find these things and he would just hug and kiss me, because I was keeping him involved.. the funny things would be little tid bits like; what fruit your baby most resembled, what I was feeling like, etc....

So as of week 12 I have started to do this to him again.. I send him funny little emails with a link from on my week of pregnancy. And well week 14 is this:

My baby is about the size of a lemon... I have made it to the lemon stage.. (in my mind i am laughing hysterically) (you are all very confused by me i am sure) and the greatest milestone, I am now in my 2nd trimester.. HALLELUJAH!!!!!

I have also decided that I am going to post what fruit/food item I am each new week.. That will give me something to blog about and I know (KNOW) you are all just dying to know..



  1. I love the baby center updates. My favorite week was kumkwat. I think you're past that though.

  2. Wow a lemon Ange, woo hoo I can picture the cute little thing now. Actually I love the little milestones too, so post away about what fruit this little will be. Can't wait til next week. Hang in there. How's the hand BTW?