Friday, May 22, 2009


On Sunday the 17th of this month, Helam officially had one of his little bottom baby teeth break through. And as of this morning the other one has too.. My baby is to young to have his teeth coming in so early. He has been handling it pretty good. Only a few bad days and today he is such a sweet boy! And when he smiles, you can see his little pearly whites..
I have tried (really really tried) to get a picture or video worth showing, but he is a little pest with the camera. Once he sees it he wants it in his hands. I will keep working on it!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009


I say quickly, because Helam is starting to FIT!

So lately I have been working out with my Wii Fit! I know, kind of lame but let me just tell you. It is kicking my BUTT!! In the last two weeks I have lost 2 1/2 pounds. Not that huge and considering on the biggest looser, they loose like 8 million pounds the first week, it is nothing, but to me it is something.

El bought our Wii Fit last year at this time. The same day that I found out that I was pregnant with Helam. So, needless to say, I didn't use it. Because I wanted to become fat! Much easier than loosing the weight. RIGHT?

So for the past two weeks, I have been working out for about 10 minutes a day. Not much, but a start! And Korban is my work out buddy! He is right there with me, doing the Yoga, strength training and all the other fun stuff! Today was my big day of 30 minutes! WOW!!! wait, let me just say that again. WOW!! I am really amazed with myself. Also, I am going to start running today. But that will be my evening event! El put our treadmill in the office, so I can rock out, shut the door and run my pants off without the world wishing I would put all my junk in my trunk away! Well world, that is what I'm trying to do!

Also, because of the working out, my back is so so so much better!
And this post only took me 4 minutes or so... BRAVO ME!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Helams 4 Month Check Up...

Today I took Helam to his 4 month check up.. He was a little trooper with the 3 shoots that he had to get, as well as the oral vaccine that he had. My baby is a big boy. Here is the run down:

Weight: at 2 months he weighed 14.2 lbs at 4 months he weighed in at a whooping 19.6 lbs. 100+ percentile.. WOOZERS!

Height: at 2 months he was 24.2 inches and at 4 months he was 26.5 inches. 100 percentile.

Head Circumference: at 2 months: 15.6 inches and 4 months: 16.6 inches. So I guess he doesn't have the "Murphy Noggin".

He is growing very well and he is doing well! The one thing that wasn't so good, is that my kid has a lopsided head. Since he has been born he always favors turning his head to the right side and well that is causing some problems. So today my sweet Doctor told me that if we don't start to treat this and work his next muscles and have him turn his head to the left more than about 6 times a day and work it out with some stretches, my sweet boy will have to wear a helmet. WHAT THA WHAT?? You would think that with Helam being my 7th I would have seen it all, but NO, I haven't.. So needless to say, we are working him out! Will keep updates on how it is all going!

NOW, I have to just get something off of my chest. If it offends, please feel free to cuss me out! I will be okay with it. While I was in the waiting area of the office a family came out and was gathering their stickers and this girl who was 8 years old (i over heard her mother and her talking about her age) was goofing off and having a good old time, and every time she spoke to her mother she spoke in what I can only describe as "baby talk".. This has to be one of my top pet peeves.. When ever my kids EVEN start to do that crap I freak out! I can see it if you are under the age of say 5.. BUT 8 FREAKING YEARS OLD!!! COME ON!
Okay, enough of my rant and judgement. I know that God and I will have a long drawn out discussion on my issues and I am prepared to argue my case. It is a good thing that He loves me!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

While I have a sec...

I know that you all probably think that I have a serious condition with the computer and facebook because I seem to always be on it, well I would just like to explain...

My rocking chair is in my office, because in my office it is warm.. When we brought Helam home I had El put my chair in the office because I wanted to seclude myself (I KNOW! total sign of depression) and I haven't had him pull it out, because I am still getting cold and I want a quite place to nurse him. Well the reason for the facebooking and being on the computer and not replying to peoples blogs is because my baby right now is always wanting the boob. So, I only have one free hand to use the mouse with, and I get bored out of my mind! So that is why all of the facebooking..

So this early morning while I was up feeding the baby I was online reading peoples posts and thought that when I get a second, I will jump in and comment! So I have! WAHOO! I'm glad that is off of my chest!
I don't know what it is, but I love it when people comment on my posts! It makes me feel part of something! And I am part of something special!

Before I started to blog, I really didn't know much of El's family. But since people have started blogging and I have started to blog, I feel excited to have gotten to know you all! Even my friends! Who knew?!?

So thanks to all of you who read my mundane blog, and comment.. Thanks for taking time out of your days to see what it is that Crazy Angie is up to.. (I know.. Not that much) Thanks for your support and being my outlet..

Friday, May 8, 2009


Here is my reality... I'm so tired and overwhelmed sometimes that I have NO idea of what is going on. Sometimes I just sit back and laugh at all of the goings on around me. So, here are a couple of things that have been happening in my reality.
Helam is now 4 months old today. WHAT??!!? How did that happen so fast? He is the most precious baby ever! He sleeps well and eats really well. Well he eats well if he isn't being bothered. He likes it to be quite and dark and no one around. I think it is because when ever he hears something going on, he has to watch, listen and mostly smile. He is such a smiley baby. I just love him! Also, yesterday I had El cut off his Mohawk. It was getting to crazy. So my baby boy has lost his "Samson" hair. He is also getting very, very tall. Or long however you would like to look at it. I keep telling El that we need to put the crib up and then something happens and we haven't gotten around to it. So, my giant baby is still sleeping in the bassinet. My Giant in his bed...
With his mohawk.. How fun.
Now with is hair cut.. He looks bigger now!

Kylah came home from school this week very upset about one of her friends who had lied to her mother and she came unglued. This is the same Kylah who last week when I told her that Salina Gomez (the wizards of waverley place) was dating Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) came unglued and told me that she was going to punch her in the face and make her bleed.. WHAT THA? I know. At least she has conviction... Little does Kylah realize that she will not marry Taylor Lautner and if he had interest in her, I would make him bleed in the face....

My sweet Morgan is finally coming out of her sweet all the time sister phase and is kind of getting a bit mean.. At least to her siblings. I think it is because school is getting ready to be over and she is just about at her wits end. She always wants to be outside and if that isn't in the cards for that day, she becomes a bit of a meany pants.. O.. I hope this summer goes smoothly.

Samantha and Emer are such great little mothers.. Sam has been my saving grace so much lately. She is always taking time to take care of the others when I am trying to focus my attention on at least one of my kids.. This morning I heard Emer tell Korban "If your not going to play the Wii then I'm gonna turn it off... One, Two alright that's it!" WOW.. I wonder where she got that from.. EL

Korban and Gannon are growing and being sweet and crazy all at the same time. I have decided that I am going to keep Korban home for another year and start school in 2010-2011 school year for him. It is for the best and I am excited to have him home for another year.
Gannon is a ball of fire.. He is red spider man one minute then black spider man the next. I'm going to have to get video of him crawling in the hallway being a spider. It is so funny! He is also really still attached to bottles.. I have tried multiple times to take them away.. I'M A LOOSER! I can't bare to hear him upset.. And potty training him is a whole other story.. He will be in diapers on his mission!

For me, well I have been struggling with so many things. I think my hormones are still trying to get into check. My milk is starting to go away and that is so upsetting to me. I have been eating like a horse and drinking like an elephant, but I'm still having to supplement a couple of times a day. I'm really hoping that things will start to turn around, because I hate not feeding my babies until at least a year. I stopped Gannon at about 10 months and right after that, he was instantly sick for about a year.. NOT FUN!
Also, I have now realized that being 31 is the pits! Two weeks ago, I threw my back out jump roping and trying to loose weight isn't really working for me. I have now been working out with my Wii Fit and I can feel to soreness of my body, but I think it is helping a little bit.

Okay enough of my rant! Life is good. Just crazy at time. I hope this summer will be a relaxing time for my family, because I really need to relax!