Monday, December 28, 2009


The holiday's are nearly over, and can I just say HALLELUJAH! I am so freaking happy! Don't get me wrong, Christmas time is awesome and so are all of the birthdays, but the month of December has been just a drag for me this year. The weather has been crappy and don't even get me started on the smog of the craptastic city!

I just re-read all of that and WOW, I'm in a fine mood!

But really, I am going to be happy when the month is over...

We had a great Christmas day and we were able to eat good food and visit with family! That is what matters most.

O, and I just realized, I know why my mood sucks, I'M getting OLD! For the love of all that is good and Holy, I wish that I didn't have to get old.. And really, I'm not that old. BUT still. I just would have loved to stay 27...

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I sometimes wonder how I ended up with so many girls. When I was about 13 years old, I wanted 6 boys.. ALL BOYS! And then after the 4th girl I seriously had doubts that I would ever have any boys at all. So when I got pregnant for the 4th time, (with Korban) I remember telling El that if this baby wasn't a boy, I was DONE! So you can imagine my excitement when I went to fetal fotos at like 14 weeks along to see what I was having. (because I just couldn't wait an extra 6 weeks! HELLO, I can NOT handle not knowing!) Anywhoo, it was a BOY! Then, to top it all off, I had two more.

Most days, Korban and Gannon love to wrestle. They think it is so awesome to fight and hit and pinch and bite. I think that Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he sent my girls first. Because if I would have had 4 boys, that would have been it! No more! That is how frazzled these boys make me feel sometimes. The thing about the fighting with the boys, is that it is what they like to do! I can yell till I am blue in the face at them to stop, I can put them in corners, put them in their room, it just doesn't matter. They will just keep on. So you can imagine my surprise and amazement on Thursday when I was working on the computer and I turn around to see what they are doing, because they are being so quiet and this is what I see...

This is when I think to myself, ah, boys aren't that bad!

Monday, December 14, 2009

The first two of four...

On Saturday, it was Samantha's 12th birthday! I can't even believe that I have been a Momma for 12 years. It is so crazy to me.
Samantha is growing up to be such an amazing young woman. She is such a helper to our family. She is always willing to help out with all of the children and I look forward to (someday) seeing her as a mother. (but not for like 40 years :) ). She is also such a talented singer and she is so good at baking and crafts.
Yesterday was her first day in Young Women's. She loved it! Such a change from Primary... But our ward was so good to her and she was so excited! Happy Birthday my sweet Sammy Kay! I love you so much!

Today marks El's 34th birthday! WOOZERS he is getting OLD! Just kidding honey! I am so blessed to have El in my life. Sometimes I wonder why we never met earlier or if we never would have met at all and let me tell you, I don't know if I would have had a purpose without him. He is such an amazing father and husband. He takes care of all of us and he never leaves any of my children out. He truly is my soul mate and I am so happy that we are married for time and all eternity! Happy Birthday to you "husband"! I love, love, love you!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

One month shy of One...

How is it that my baby is already 11 months old? For the record I am in complete denial of how old my son is! I find it unfair that this time has just flown by. I have tried to keep him small but that really didn't work. I can remember at 2 months old, he was already wearing 6 month old clothes. Now, he wears 24 month clothes. So Helam I have two words for you, UN FAIR!!! I LOVE this picture. He is so cute, and eats anything he can off of the floor!
Helam loves his brothers and sisters so much! He truly has brought our family closer together!

These last two pictures are from our journey at PCMC. The one on top is him in the CT machine, and the next one is the morning after all of the drama of the sweet potatoes. He is feeling much better and was ready to go home!

Monday, December 7, 2009

sweet potato saga and way to much money in co-pays!

Last week was one of the craziest weeks that I can remember in a long time! So, I will start from the beginning. BEWARE, this is probably going to be a long post!

On Monday the 30th of November I woke up to horrible pain in my left breast. So horrible in fact, that at times all I could do was cry. Helam hadn't been eating really well for a couple of days and that wasn't helping. So after I took the girls to school I decided to go into the InstaCare. (1st 50.00 copay). So the Dr. came in and as soon as he checked out my boob, he told me that I had a severe case of mastitious. (seriously I can't spell) After having 7 children, I have never had anything like this. So, I was put on some medicine (that i'm still taking). But after two days, the pain wasn't going away and neither was the huge lump. So, I called my sister Crystal. She works in an OBGYN's office and she was able to get me into see one of the doctors there.
Now, I know your probably wondering why I just didn't call my OB, and the answer is this, that office has moved to the new Riverton Hospital and well I'm not traveling all the way out there to go to the doc. The doc was awesome and let me know that it was still looking bad, but better than others that I have seen. Good news!!! Now, after a week of meds I am doing much better!

Then on Wednesday night, Emer got a cut on her back. That I was sure required stitches. I took her to the InstaCare (#2 of 50.00 co-pay) (YUCK). No stitches were required, but steristrips were. She is on the mend and says that her owie really itches!

Now onto Friday. I went shopping for Christmas presents. I was having a grand time when my grandma calls me (she is watching the boys) and says, Helam is really itching his face. I think that he may be having an allergic reaction to sweet potatoes. "REALLY" I said. Now you must understand that Helam LOVES sweet potatoes. They were one of the first foods that he ate. So I was sure that it was nothing and went about my business of shopping. When I got home, I instantly knew that something was going on with him. He was itchy all over his face, and was very lethargic. He couldn't stay awake. He would sit up and be instantly asleep. I have never seen anything like this. So I call the pediatrician and scheduled him to see the doc. (#3 30.00 co-pay) (OUCH)!!! The doctor was not sure what was going on. He asked us if he ingested anything out of the ordinary and he hadn't, or had he? WHO KNEW?? This kid eats anything he can get his hands on. He is 11 months old (tomorrow) and he is a human vacuum.
So the doctor was dumbfounded, and so were we. He was very concerned that Helam couldn't stay awake. So he sent us up to Primary Children's Medical Center. (#4 50.00 co-pay) THEY WANTED 200.00. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???
So at PCMC no one could figure out what was going on with my baby. They had to do tunz of blood work and that all came back okay. Then the did a CT and a chest X-Ray. NOTHING. Totally fine.
Then, after they decided to admit us (6 hours later) one of the residents came into the room and said I think we have found what is wrong. There was a study done in 2003 on allergies from different kinds of vegetables, and sweet potatoes is one of them. The kids in the study had the same reaction as Helam. WOW!
So, needless to say we have many more appointments with allergists and the doctor. Helam can't eat tunz of things now and well my 7th child is bringing fourth many things that I was sure I would never have to deal with!
I have pictures of the baby in the CT machine. SO CUTE, but I'm having technical difficulties.. The will be on their way!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Catch Up...

Here is my catch up for the last little bit.
We have moved! It is crazy to think that we won't be living in our house anymore. But we are so excited for our adventures!!!
Helam is growing so big and fast. It is so unbelievable to me. Is it wrong of me to want another baby? I just miss the tininess of babies..
We are all adjusting well to our new environment. The kids all love it, because everyday is a big party at grandmas house. My grandma is the coolest grandma! She is always so loving and caring and she does so much for us!
I have been sick for the last two weeks, and two days ago, I got my very first bout of mastitis's.. I know, spelling is horrible. It has been so bad that Helam has been having a struggle with nursing. Today was day two of the doctors and he is concerned that I have an abses. (sorry tmi.) So on Friday I get to go to have an ultrasound. No fun, but better to be safe than sorry!
I can't believe that it is already December. We have 4 birthdays, Christmas and lots of fun parties! WAHOO!!!
This is really all that is going on. Not really much when I think about it!
Pictures will be coming soon. I am going to get pictures of all the kids in Santa hats. I think it will be super cute!

Friday, November 20, 2009

It is all happening....

Because I am a slacker, I have so much to say in about ooo 5 minutes.. So here it goes!

Helam is getting so big. He took his first step from table to couch about 2 weeks ago. He does it all of the time now, and just two days ago he stood all by himself. CRAZY KID! I can't believe that he is 10 months old. It just isn't fair that they grow up so fast!

We are selling our house! I KNOW! We have moved up to my Grandparents house while our house sells. I can't believe that it is all happening, but it is! So many people ask us what we are going to do and well long story short is, we are going to live our dream! WE want a farm and want to build our own house so we are doing it! This is all so crazy to me, but after much prayer and Temple visits, we have made the decision that is completely effecting all our lives for the better!

I wish I had more to write, but time will not allow it! I am so busy with so many things that sometimes it is hard to keep my head above swimming children! But I wouldn't change it for anything!

Pictures to come of our house (the one we are selling) with a painted kitchen and all!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tick Tock

Where is all of the time going? I have no clue! The past few weeks have seemed to fly by and I don't feel like I have gotten anything accomplished.
But when I look back and really think about all that has been done, I have accomplished alot! At least to me it is alot!
First, Kylah, Emer and Korban all started swim lessons. They all love them so much and today I will get pictures of them during lessons.
Samantha and Morgan both started Orchestra yesterday. WOW.. And they love (so far) to practice. I am going to make sure that they work really hard at playing, so that this skill will stay with them!
Helam is now full fledged "stink bug" crawling. I got some pictures but for some reason I can't load them from this computer, so I will have to upload them later.
And well Gannon is up to his usual antics. I just got up to go check on the boys and he has pulled all of the cushions off of the couch. NORMAL for him.. PAIN for me..
Now on to one of the biggest accomplishments.. I have moved my dining room to where our living room was and moved the living room to where the dining room was. It took me a while to get used to it, but now I love it! I will get pictures of that as well.
I guess the reasons that I have to list all of this stuff down, is so that I am feeling some what good about myself and the accomplishments that are happening around here.
Lately I have not had the greatest self worth and I am really having to count my blessings and count them out loud. Being discouraged is one of my weak points and one of the ways satan has his hold on me.. SO I really am having to put down all of these great blessing.. And in case your wondering, still NO soda for either El or I! That right there is an amazing accomplishment and ya'll would be so proud of me, because last week I went to McDonald's and got a poweraide. NOT BAD either. Maybe I will get one tonight on the way to taking kids to lessons!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Recent Milestones and 1 heartache...

I thought that I should document some recent milestones that are going on in the Murphy household..

~Today marks day 7 of NO soda or caffeine for El and I.
~This morning El had to add another notch to his belt! WHOOT WHOOT!!!
~As of this evening Gannon has been in underpants for 11 days! He has only had 2 poop accidents and 0 pee accidents. And last night, was the first night that I put him to bed with underpants on and he woke up twice to tell me that he had to pee! I am soo soo proud of him.
~Helam is now sitting up on his own from an on the ground position. He almost has crawling down.
~Samantha has all A's and B's so far in school. She will be starting orchestra next week!
~Kylah has all A's.
~Morgan has all A's.
~Emer is starting to like to read! WAHOO!
~Korban is realizing that he is a big boy and doesn't really need to play with my ears any more. But, he still likes to play with everyone else's..

Now for the heartache.. Helam was such a great little sleeper for so many months. But, because of the camping and him having to sleep with me during these camping trips he has become accustomed to it. So, I now have a little baby who wants to sleep in momma and daddy's bed. It is sooo soo uncomfortable. Helam is the first baby that I have had that never wanted to sleep with me from day one. So, I was grateful that he loved his own bed. But now, he likes to snuggle mom.. I hope that I can curb this trend here in the next couple of weeks. If you have any advise, please feel free to share because I've got nothin!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Diet Coke...

For those of you who don't know, I love Diet Coke. I have for years. But, because of some issues that I am having I have decided to kick the habit..
Today is day one. Wish me luck. I have tried to stop soda before and the soda has always won. But not this time!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just because I can't, doesn't mean I don't want to!

Funny title right? I know! But just hear me out...
Yesterday you, my sweet little baby turned 8 months old! How did this time go by so fast? It feels like yesterday I just had you. I was able to hold your cute 7 pound 9 oz body. I was satisfied that you were my last baby. Now, your not that little tiny baby! Your a big boy! case in point:

This picture was take on September 7th 2009. Two days ago. We were on our way home from the 240, when a couple of incidents happened. You couldn't stand to be in your car seat any longer so your sweet sister Samantha took you. Look at you! YOUR HUGE! No longer that teeny, tiny person.. And look at your face! Your totally cooping attitude! But, you make me laugh!

So the reason for the title. Just because I can't, doesn't mean I don't want to.. I miss having the little person, who doesn't want to be independent. Who doesn't grow two bottom teeth at the age of 4 months. Who doesn't want to crawl!

I miss this!

This is your new cousin and my new niece. Her name is Elise. She is so cute and tiny. Here I am with her and the entire time I was holding her, I wanted another one! I KNOW! CRAZY!!!!! Can I tell you how crazy that is. It is so crazy in fact that I feel guilty. That is how crazy it is. The benefit about it all, is holding her makes me love you even more, because you are my last tiny baby. Here we are, just the two of us! The first time we met...

I feel blessed beyond measure that I have you and your 6 other siblings! I don't know what I would do without you all! I am so proud to be your mom! Even if during the last 3 weeks, you have seriously developed a case of the I WANT MY SISTERS.. If you could talk, I am sure that is what your saying, because woozers kid, you totally know how to through a fit and get what you want with those girls. But really, who could resist this face?


Thursday, September 3, 2009


Today I feel that I made a mistake on not sending Korban to kindergarten.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Remember when...

Do you remember when you were in 6th grade? I do! I lived in Bullhead City Arizona. A tiny town across the Colorado River from Laughlin Nevada. It was such a tiny town, that there was 1 elementary school and 1 high school. And as a 6th grader who had just moved from a cozy area of East Millcreek Utah I was totally prepared to be the "ruler" of the school as a 6th grader. Little did I know, that I would once again be the pee on! See, 6th graders went to the High School. Bullhead City High, if I remember correctly. I was a teeny, tiny 6th grader with a bunch of scary Jr High and Highschoolers. In one word let me describe my first day, terrifying! But as schools go, it was great! I got to go to school dances, meet a tun of people and I got to take band. In this band I learned to play many instruments. I learned the drums, the clarinet, the trumpet and the french horn. It was a fun year. My best friends name was Sunshine and I had a huge crush on a boy names Alex Martinez and my good old teacher named Mr. Talley. He was cool until he hit on my mom. YUCK! But, we had an awesome field trip to Lake Mohave. It was a Saturday trip, but it was awesome.

So why am I bringing this up? Because my sweet Samantha Kay has entered into that realm. She is now the ruler of the school. A big 6th grader! Is she excited? I would say yes, but I'm not sure. All morning yesterday and I was walking them into school she kept telling me to stop taking pictures. She was totally embarrassed by me! HER MOTHER!!! I told her that I would love to have pictures of me when I entered every grade, like my kids have and she just looked at me like I am so dumb. I guess I am! But guess what, when she is a grown girl and has her own babies she will be the same! And I can proudly say that I am glad I am her annoying mom who takes pictures of everything they do!

I love you my girls! I hope you all have a rememberable year, like I did!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Bear Lake

So, as I stated in my previous post, this is the first time we have been to bear lake. It was such an awesome trip. We had alot of excitement with the weather the first night. We couldn't get our tent up because of all of the wind. And with all of the excitement we forgot to get pictures of us almost getting blown away! BUMMER. Luckily we have a van that is huge and we put our air mattress in it and slept in there with the boys and all of my girls slept in my moms trailer. Needless to say, I am going to look and save money up for a trailer.
The first two pictures are of all of the prep for the clothes and sleeping bags. The rest are of us just chilling and having a great time. I am so glad the weather turned out! The water was still cold and because I couldn't get warm from the first night I was cold alot! That sucked as well, but the camp hosts there were awesome and it was a great trip! I am so glad my Mom planned it!

Friday, August 14, 2009


During this summer we as a family have taken a number of camping trips. More so, than any other summer that El and I have been together. (In case you were wondering it has been 8 years, 7 of them married)

So this morning, as we were preparing for one of our adventures I looked at him and said "Hey Hon, remember 3 summers ago when we were seriously considering purchasing a camping trailer, and you were all um we wouldn't get the use out of it. Well guess what, this summer we would get our use out of it". He looked at me and said, "yep. we should have done it". DUH

Preparing to go camping is so tedious. I am having a hard time even getting excited, because of all the work that is involved. I am taking pictures right now so I can post them later. BAAAHHH

On the grander side of all of the preparation, we are going to go on an amazing trip to Bear Lake. I have never been there and neither has El. So this is a first for our entire family! I am very much so looking forward to having some quality time with the kids and El and all of our other family that is going. I am not, however looking forward to the "cold front" that is supposed to be coming in tonight. That right there is another reason we should have got us a trailer. O WELL! Here is to happy camping and hopefully a really awesome time!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Life is...

Crazy! That is how I have felt for the last couple of months. Life just keeps on going and going and I just want it to slow down!

Helam is huge! I took him into the Doc this week for his 6 month (2 1/2 weeks late) check up. He weighs 22.5 pounds and is 32 inches long! WOW, and his head is doing so much better!

School starts in just a couple of weeks. I can't believe it! I took the girls school shopping today and it was so much fun. They were all so good and didn't complain about the clothes mom wanted them to get. I can't believe I am going to have a 6th grader. How does that even happen? I am so beside myself. I think I need a drink! (of coke that is)

Last night after dinner, the kids wanted to look at pictures of when they were little. Samantha, Morgan and Kylah all came before the days of taking 100 pictures a week with my digital camera, so needless to say, I don't have nearly as many pictures of them as i would like at their little tiny squeaky voice ages.. I cried (alot) about how much my girls are growing up.

All of the family is well. Just busy! I am ready for summer to slow down. I need a break from all of the fast pace summer life!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July and some Jonas Brothers

This was seriously one of the best 4th of July's ever!!!
Starting out at the Murray Parade. Here is the Color Guard

Optimums Prime.. As Gannon say's..
Murray fireman with the kids and Camden and HolliEl with Gannon.. Gannon loves suckers!
Then we were off to Staduim of Fire.. So good and we had amazing seats!
ME.. I know. Finally a picture on my blog of me. YUCK
Morgan and Kylah waiting patiently.. We were on the grass not far from the stage..
OK.. Me, Barbra (sister) Clay (brother inlaw) Sage, Emer, Elizabeth, Kylah, Samantha, Morgan, Jennifer and Jarren. El took the picture. O MY HECK.... JONAS BROTHERS!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH
can you tell they were excited?
Samantha wasn't all to fond of the Jonas Brothers.. But at least she smiled a couple of times. And I did catch her singing..
Emer with Clay.. How awesome is that! It was all of my girls first concert! It was seriously amazing, but the best part was watching my kids!!! They loved it and were so much fun!
My Amazing Cousin Justin!!! He is the one who got the tickets for us.. Thank you Justin for all you have done for our Country!!! Your amazing!

Also, I would just like to give a shout out to my family!!! All who have served in the Military.. Grandpa Roy(Air Force & Civil Air Patrol), Grandpa Barr (Marine Air Core) (AKA Poppa), Justin (Army) & Bryan (Marine)! Thank you all for protecting us throughout the many, many years. And for all of those who came before you! Also, to Francis Hopkinson who is like my great, 5 times over uncle, for signing the Declaration of Independence!!!!! I wish I could have been there with you!

Okay, so I have been trying for like 2 hours to upload a video and it isn't working.. When I get it loaded I will post it.. So, sorry NO Jonas Brothers on video, BUT here are some pictures....

Hi, I'm Helam... Can I flirt with you???

Here he is.. Mr, America.. Eating a sucker and falling asleep!!! TO FUNNY
This boy is a FLIRT! I think he gets it from his daddy... He gives the cutest little eye brow wag I have ever seen on a young person..
Yesterday marked Helams 6th month of life. And I guess I could say it has been one heck of a ride for this kid. He has sisters who dote on him constantly, and are so mothering to him. I don't know what I am going to do when they all go back to school.

During this last month, Helam has been able to start to sit up (no one holding him up) by himself. He decided to take on this milestone while we were camping. I couldn't believe it! He is growing up so much...

He loves to eat. He has been trying to get my food for months, so I finally have broken down and started to feed him baby food. He loves it all. He eats entire jars of it and then wants more. I have had to restrict him, because he gets major tummy aches, because he eats so fast. Also this month, he has fallen in LOVE with Popsicles. They must feel really good to his upper teeth, because he has two coming in. Seriously, this boy is growing to fast!

He loves his brothers and sisters so much. He is always wanting to know what they are doing. Hence this picture. I was trying to get a shot of all three of them, and all he wanted to do was look at Korban and Emer. What a character!

I am so proud to be a mother and so greatful that I have these kids! I am also so glad that El and I received the inspiration to have Helam. Even though I was sure he was going to be a girl and I was going to name "her" Ester.
I can't wait to see how much Helam grows this next month. He changes everyday and I thank God that he is allowing me to be with him so I can see these changes.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Camping Trip (finally)

Here are some of the pictures from our week long of roughing it camping... We had such a fun time, even with all of the rain! I hope you enjoy the pictures. There are alot, and I had to put them in slideshow format, or my blog would have had a fit i think!

O ALSO, I am going to be making my blog private here in the next week or so. SOOO if you would like to still read my boring blog, then let me know and I will send you an invite!

Friday, June 26, 2009

This is one of my FAVE Michael Jackson songs! So I thought that I should post it!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


This is Yellow, as my kids call him/her. He/she is one of two of the same type of bird, who is always sitting on my roses in front of my front window... They are beautiful birds, and they are not afraid of us at all. Alot of times, they just sit there and watch us, as much as we watch them. They also sing the most beautiful songs. I am hoping to get them on video singing..

Monday, June 8, 2009

growing in the sunshine (or lack of)

Helam.. He is so happy to be 5 months old! HA.. But if you look close, there are his little nubbin teeth.. And yes, they do hurt!

Today marks the 5th month of sweet Helam's existence in our family... He is such a fun boy! He has so many particulars it is crazy. This last month, I have tried to feed him rice cereal. He is not so much a fan. But can you blame him. This kid wants the real FOOD... When ever I am holding him on my lap, he reaches out for my food and I feel so bad, because I want to give it to him, but cant. So in the next couple of weeks I will start to give him the goods of Gerber.... We will see how that goes!

Here is Korban and Helam taking their little cat nap together! Brothers are so much fun!!!

Helam has so many particulars that none of my other kids have had.. He like to sleep in his own bed and he is on a schedule! I KNOW!!!! This is an amazing feat I think. He really doesn't nap very well in the day, he takes a couple of cat naps, but that is about it... Then come 8:30 he is SOOO ready for his own bed. This makes me very happy! I just hope that he stays this way.. I am keeping my fingers crossed..

School has ended for my girls! Today was their first official day of no school! I would like to say that they couldn't be happier, but I don't think they are.. I have caught Morgan being a bit sad about no school a couple of times, and on the other hand, Samantha is so glad school is out!

During the awards ceremony on their last day of school, they all got awards. Morgan got most improved reader, Samantha got high achievement in her academics and Kylah got an award from the State Board of Education for coming in the top ten percent nationally in four different area's for the Iowa Tests.. I am so proud of them all for their hard work! I keep telling them that they need to keep it up, so they all can get full ride scholarships to college!!! We will see how that goes!

Other than that, there really isn't to much to post about! Life just keeps ticking by.. It is amazing how fast it all goes. I can remember being a kid and thinking that every day seemed like an eternity, now I wish I had an eternity in a day. At least maybe I could get all the things I wanted done, accomplished!

I just have to share this video of Gannon. This is at a park located by Jake and Amy's house. El took the kids there when I went to bunko in May. My kids really love this park!!!