Wednesday, May 28, 2008

O... Stovetop Stuffing

Because I have been feeling pretty icky, I am not very hungry and I don't like the sight of many food items.. Today I got home from a friends house (the kids went to play with her kids) and I was feeling pretty sick, and I knew that I needed to eat something.. So I looked in the fridge, the freezer and found nothing.. I looked in the food storage room and low and behold I had three boxes of stovetop stuffing.. Needless to say I LOVE STOVE TOP!!! Every bite is so good and O.. I could eat it the rest of the day.. Or at least until I decided that I never want it again..

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Once you (you know) on the test stick...

Okay.. here I am.. Day 3 after peeing on the stick and I am sick as a dog.. Why is it, that once you pee on the test stick and it comes up with that little pink plus sign your body all of a sudden knows your pregnant and you become sick..
I know that this doesn't apply to all pregnant people or all pregnancies.. Because I have been pregnant a number of times and only with my daughters have I been sick like this.. So my prediction is that this baby is a girl..
El is certain that the only reason I am sick is because it is all in my head!! WHAT?? Tell that to the egg salad that just came belting out of my body.. If it was all in my head, well than I would have kept it down and been a happy camper.. Now, I never want to see egg salad again in my life. Not to mention I never want to see an egg again..
So for everyone who keeps asking how I am feeling, I am great.. Other than the all of a sudden having to run to a bathroom and loose my breakfast, lunch, dinner and the ooo so ever all the time snack..

Friday, May 23, 2008

We are Multiplying....again...

Do you all remember when our blog title was "Multiply and Replenish the Earth"? Well we should have kept that title.. Because it seems like that is my duty in life.. As some have heard, we are expecting another little bundle of joy.. WOW.. I am going to be a momma of 7...
I know alot of you are thinking ARE YOU FREAKING CRAZY?? And well yes.. I guess we are.. But El and I have felt for some time now that we were missing someone. And I guess he or she is just not waiting anymore.. We are so excited, and we are even more excited for our Murphy family, because we have two other mommas who are newly pregnant too.. So there will be 3 babies born around the same time..
It is still early and we know that things can happen but we just couldn't wait to tell everyone.. If El had his way he would shout it on the roof tops..
I never thought that I would have more than 3 kids, and well look at me now..

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Things the Kids say...

This morning as plain as day Gannon said to me... "I go poop".. Finally this kid is starting to say things that mean something.. And after he said it, he layed down to be changed.. WAHOO!!! That is a huge milestone..
Korbans latest thing to say is "oooo.. your an idiot" I think he got that from sponge bob so the sponge is no longer allowed..
Emer says things that surprise me all of the time.. the other day a commercial for the new sex and the city movie came on and she says "mom, do they call it sex in the city because they are having sex in the city?".. I reply (by the way I was freaking out) "maybe emer, i don't know" (and in my mind i was crying, and thinking, I turned off the DTV, I guess TV should just be off limits in my house now.. Thanks TV for poising my 5 year olds ears)
Morgan & Kylah both turn everything into song.. One day I am going to secretly video tape them and post it so everyone can see.. They are hilarious..
Samantha is just funny.. If she isn't happy then she is complaining.. I think it is because she is a tween.. I can remember being about that age and thinking everything and everyone was out to get me.. (I have sever paranoia.. I think I need a therapist) But the way she laughs makes the whole room laugh.. She has a roar about it.. I will also have to Vid tape it..
Kids are hilarious.. They say and do some of the coolest and yet, freakish things ever.. At least a day in my house isn't boring.. The only time it is, is when all the kids want to go to Gmas house and have nothing to do with me..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stink Eye

You know on the movie "Juno" when Juno says to Bleeker "your little girlfriend gave me the stink eye in art class", well this morning I woke up with the stink eye.. My face is all distorted!!
I am 30 years old and have never had allergies.. I have always been someone who loves to be outside and enjoy the sunshine and the warmth.. I love to garden and plant flowers.. And this year I would rather gouge my eyes out with a dull spoon...
My right eye is the one that is taking the hit.. All puffy and swollen it honestly looks like I have been punched by a Mac Truck.. At least one of Gannons little mac trucks that he VROOOMS all around the house.. It is also really red.. Like a tomato.. To me, this is not attractive.. But El still thinks that I am a hottie.. Or does he???
My Aunt Lynda told me that it happens after the 6th child is born.. Because she got allergies after my cousin Jarren (her 6th) was born.. But my theory is that it happens once you turn 30... Because I think that at 30 it is all down hill from there.. My feet are always having to be loofah because they are just grouse now (I blame it on no elasticity anymore) and of course the "ladies" aren't as happy and perky anymore.. (that left me before 30 but I can still blame 30 for it)..
But hey, at least I have good pants that make my back side look like I am still 29...

BTW: AI is on tonight.. Go David A..

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Have you ever had a pair of pants that make your backside look so good, you just want to smack your own butt?? Well today I was lucky enough to inherit two pairs of pants that do just that.. As I was trying them on, of course I look at my own bottom in the mirror to assess the damage, and low and behold I have a nice tooche...
So to my darling sister who gave them to me, I say thank you and I love you!!! Your my best friend!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008


I do laundry every day.. And everyday the piles grow.. The worst thing about laundry is you have to put it in the washer, then the dryer, then you have to fold it, then you have to put it away.. Why hasn't someone invented a machine that does all of that for you? Maybe someone has.. I bet if someone has, it is pretty expensive..
Today, I am on only 3 more loads to go.. Then the cycle will start again tomorrow.. Because the kids will bring their laundry down stairs and say they just don't have anything to wear..
I have tried to train them to do their own laundry (the oldest girls) and they even have their own laundry day.. But yet, the laundry just sits there..
My thanks to El who will transfer the laundry from wash to dry for me.. (that is the part that i really hate)...
So if anyone is out there who wants to purchase a contraption that is a million dollars for me that will do all the work for me, I say to you.. I LOVE YOU!!! and please hurry!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day...

This is dedicated to me!!! haha.. just kidding.. it is for my mom, grandma & Auntie.. thank you for all you have done for me!!! MUAH XOXOXOXO

My mom holding Emer.. She is such a great blessing to me.. I love her so much!!

My mom is one of the toughest people I have ever met in my life. She had me at a young age and my sisters soon followed.. She worked all of the time, but she always made us feel protected and loved.. We didn't have much ever.. But we had what we needed.. I love my mom and I am grateful for all of the sacrifices she made for me. So to you.. My mommy.. I love you.. You are my hero and I hope that I can be as strong as you in raising my brood of kids..

My Grandma.. An amazing Lady....

My grandma.. She is AWESOME!!! She has been a huge influence in my life.. She helped raise me and she did everything she could to help me.. And she still does.. She has had a hard life and she always tries to make the best out of everything.. I once asked her why she got remarried after my grandpa Roy died, and she said "because you kids needed to have a grandfather". She has sacrificed so much for our family.. So to you My grandma.. I love you and I thank you for all you have done for me..

My Aunt Lynda with 3 of her 6 kids.. She is in the pink.. One of the strongest women I know..
My aunt Lynda.. I love you.. You are so strong.. I always wanted to be like you.. Your amazing.. Thank you for all you have done for me.. Thanks for helping take care of me. Your the best Aunt anyone could ever have..

Johanna.. Fixing the girls hair in curlers.. The girls loved it..
My Ma in Law. Johanna.. Your awesome.. Thank you for raising such a great man... I love you..

Me & Sammy K.. O what an amazing moment in my life.. She was the most precious thing I had ever seen.. When I first became a mother I was freaking out.. I had no idea what I was doing.. But I am very blessed to have had Samantha first. She was a challenge, but she was worth it.. I love how much she loves me and our family.. She is strong, smart and 100% me.. (I try not to admit that). My labor with her was very hard and she was very late coming.. But after forever of pushing she was here. And she made me feel so wonderful. I love her.. She is a great blessing in my life..

My mom.. right after the twins were born.. She got to be there when I delivered.. It was such an amazing experience.. Thanks mom.. For being my rock!!!

Me looking at Morgan... (I was totally overwhelmed)Me & Kylah view.. I think I was freaking out at this very moment.. (i take horrible pictures) My twins.. Twin A & Twin B as I like to call them.. I was 5 months along when I found out I was having not one, but two babies.. I was freaking out.. What was I going to do with twins.. I went from 1 to 3.. I was terrified.. I will never forget the look on my moms face during the ultrasound when the tec said I was having twins.. My mothers face lit up so much.. I cried and said I wasn't ready for a minivan.. My mom said I was ready for anything.. The twins were nothing like Samantha.. Samantha was a week late and the twins wanted to come 11 weeks early.. After a long stay in the hospital (4 weeks) they arrived 5 weeks early.. But they were big and healthy.. And I was totally excited to have them in my life.. I was also very grateful for my Mom, Grandma & sis Crystal for helping me for the first year of their lives.. Without my family helping me I would have lost my marbles.. I love you twins.. Thank you for making me a stronger person. Thank you for coming to me..

Me & Emer.. She always was moving her tongue.. It was so cute.. O Emer.. my only induction.. two days before Christmas.. I knew you would be named Emer.. Even if your daddy didn't want your name.. But you fit it and we are glad you are an Emer.. You are such a great sister and one of my best friends.. I am so grateful to El for helping me see my true potential on motherhood.. I love being your mother..

Me with Korban.. my first view is pretty scary.. So I chose this one.. He was so hansom.. O.. I miss him as a baby... Footling breach Korban.. An emergency C-Section.. WOW.. that was the craziest day ever.. I woke up and didn't feel right.. I called El and said I have to go to the hospital. He rushed home got me we went to the hospital and the nurse came in, checked me and rushed right out.. Then she came back in and started prepping me for a section.. I was terrified.. I can remember looking at El and saying you call my Mom and my Aunt Lynda.. I need them here right now.. (we weren't going to have any one there for the delivery) But he was for sure the greatest delivery ever.. I didn't have to do anything..

Me & Gannon.. O.. He was so awesome.. He always just looked right at me.. Baby Gannon.. O.. You sweet baby.. My biggest baby.. My toughest labor.. Next to Samantha.. I hated the other lady having a baby the same time because she got her epidural before me.. I remember El telling me that another lady was further dilated than me and she was getting her epidural first.. I looked at him and said "I hate that whore".. WOW.. me in labor.. not a nice girl.. O WELL.. My biggest baby Gannon was.. I loved him so much from the moment I saw him..

I am so blessed to have all of my children.. I am grateful that we are an eternal family.. I hope that Heavenly Father will trust me with more.. We will see..

I love being a mom.. It is a great blessing.. I love that my children all know that they chose me.. And right at this moment (give it a minute or two) they are all happy to be a part of this family..

Saturday, May 10, 2008


So your thinking.. A post about 90210?? WHY?? and NO.. not about the show.. About a great accomplishement I have done in my life!!! (or maybe not)

Yesterday I was playing my WII.. And for everyone who has a WII, I say WAHOO!! WII's are awesome.. Anyways, I have downloaded all 3 of the original Mario Brothers and I like to play them. they are my favorite games of all time.. So yesterday I was playing Mario 3 (the one where he turns into a racoon and can fly..whatever) and I look down at my score and it was
90210!!! WHAT?? That is totally awesome.. I thought that I was the coolest thing ever...

Your all thinking WOW!! ANGIE YOUR SO COOL and to you I say: YES I AM!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008


Gannon is starting to talk.. For a while now he has been able to say Momma & Dadda and that is a given.. He also has been able to say two for a couple of months.. But until recently that is all he will say.. This morning as the dog was out side, Gannon goes to the door, looks out and says "DOOD" I assume that is dog.. I look at El and say "did you hear that?? He said dog.." He is also saying things like "whats that" (but not that simply.. it is in his own way.. )
I love this stage of kid life.. 2 years is a cool age.. All of my kids were so sweet and loving then.. Now I have a 10 year old who thinks she is 20 and two 8 year olds who think they are the cats meow... A 5 year old who just can't understand why she still hasn't been able to start school and a 3 1/2 year old who thinks that potty training is the worst thing in this entire world.. But at 2 years old everything is cool.. Gannon is so easy going.. He chills out with his dad to watch TV and he loves to play outside and eat dirt... What could be better!?!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

El & his many looks..

So I thought that I would post some pics of my wonderful husband.. I was looking through pictures and I thought that they were funny, cute and down right WHAT???


So the question is.. What is that look, and what is up with the stach?? I like to call it his mexican mustache.. He is still a hottie.. I like to call this one.. Your so HOT!!! I love it when El has side burns.. (he has them right now) (so if I get pregnant, blame it on the sideburns)

El in his zute suite.. (During my delivery of Korban)

El and I doing construction on our house.. AGAIN.. Don't look at me.. I can't take a good picture to save my life.. But even when he is all sweaty and what not, he still looks good..

In case you all didn't know.. I LOVE MY HUSBAND!!! He puts up with so much from me.. And he is an amazing daddy.. I know it isn't fathers day.. but I just thought that I would post about him today.. And don't worry.. For fathers day I will have a huge post about him..

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I HAVE BEEN VENDICATED!!! Castro is gone!!! I couldn't be happier.. Wait.. I can be happier.. If the weather would just adjust to the way I want it.. And if my kids would clean up after themselves.. and blah blah blah..

What happened??? Spring/American Idol & whatever else..

Okay.. My last post.. Hooray for spring.. Yeah.. Spring was here.. I am even starting to get a tan from being outside playing with the kids.. But this morning, it is cloudy and rainy.. Can't we just go 1 week of fab weather?? No rain, snow.. Just sunshine.. I think that if that could happen then I would be so happy.. Then next week it could rain maybe a little.. So that way my lawn would get watered.. Whatever.. I am very tired of cold weather..

Also.. AMERICAN IDOL.. At this moment I am watching the Today afternoon show with Kathie Lee & Hoda.. They are totally defending this Jason Castro guy.. I know we are all entitled to our own opinion and my opinion is that he SUCKS!!! I didn't like him at the start of the AI season and I am sure not liking him anymore.. El calls him Camel Dung head.. Why wasn't he in the bottom two last week?? I liked Brooke White.. I think she could have lasted one more week.. But hey.. Jason Castro should have gone 12 weeks ago.. What is wrong with America?? he is icky and arrggghh..
O and let me just say this.... GO DAVID A.. My girls go to school with some of his sisters and his family lives here in my Stake.. I hope he wins.. He deserves it.. I hope that if he does win, he can really go far.. Unlike all those others who won and didn't go anywhere.. I can't even remember their names..

WOW.. Okay.. One more thing.. I don't know if everyone has been following this girl (i am sure i might be older than her) Heather Armstrong.. She is a mother from SL who has a cool website I have been reading her blog and it is funny.. so I am doing a promo for her.. Because I think that she tells it like it is and I like that about her. She totally doesn't need anymore publicity because she gets like a million hits on her site a day, but I thought that if ya'll haven't seen her site, you should check it out..

I tried to do the TTA, but my scanner wasn't working so hopefully it will be working by Sunday so that I can do a TTA on Sunday in favor of Mothers Day..

BLAH BLAH BLAH.. I will stop talking now..
Thanks for visiting my site.. I know that this post is totally stupid, but these are things that are just on my mind..

If I had a million dollars I wouldn't have to walk to the store.. I'd take a limousine cuz it costs more... (BTW I love BNL)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Hooray for spring

I LOVE SPRING!! I love it even more when the winter was long and cold.. And this winter has been sucky.. I wish that I had my own good camera so that I could take pictures of the beautiful blossoms on my trees. The other great thing about spring is my kids are always outside and that keeps my house clean.. (sure it does)
So I am shouting from the roof tops HOORAY FOR SPRING!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Tagged, Again...

This is all about my married relationship with El.

What is his name? Eleazer Lyon Murphy
How long have you been married? 6 years in June
How long did you date? 9 Months
How old is he? 32
Who eats more? El.. But I have my moments when I think I can out eat him.
Who said I love you first? I think it was me..
Who is taller? EL
Who sings better? LALALALALAAAAA... ME of corse..
Who is smarter? ME.. DUH.. Just kidding.. El is so much more smarter..
Who's temper is worse? If you don't get the crap down from there.... O sorry.. I went off on a kid.. HAHA.. Mine.. El says that I am a reactor..
Who does the laundry? Both.. El is usually the one who puts them to and fro and I fold..
Who does the dishes? That is what I have kids for... Just kidding.. We all take turns..
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? El does..
Who does the cooking? Me mostly.. But El helps
Who drives when you are in the car together? Always me.. I hate it when El drives.
Who is more stubborn? We are both VERY stubborn. But I think El is more.
Who proposed? El did.It is a very long story. Both Michael and Dan where there for it.. It was funny. I will write a blog about it one day.
Who is most likely to admit when they are wrong? Me.. El is never wrong!! (at least that is what he thinks)
Who's parents do you see the most? We see El's mom every day
Who pays the Bills? Me
Who wears the pants in your family? Me.. El likes to wear skirts and dresses alot. SHHH.. Don't tell him I have let his secret out.. (WINK WINK)
Tagged: Traci & Veena

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mom..Put that in the Blog

Mom put that in the blog is what my kids now tell me about everything.. And I as well say, I should put that in my blog.. Isn't it funny how blogging makes you think that everything in the world you do should be placed on display for everyone to read?? So here are some recent things I have said I should put in my blog as well as what my kids and El have said should be in here.

*My sister Crystal looks amazing in hats.. I can't pull a hat off to save my life.. Why is that? I saw her the other day at my grandmas and she is wearing this super cute hat and I say to her.. "why do you wear hats?" She says "because I look good in them".. (or something to that effect)(if she want to put exactly what she said she will have to put it in my comments section) So yes.. My baby sister totally can pull off the hat look.. And to her I say CONGRATS...

*Today Emer is playing around with our puppy Katara.. Katara is chasing her and pulling off her slippers.. Emer is laughing hysterically and she says Mom you should put this in our blog.. And as I turn to look at her she is being drug across the kitchen floor by the dog who is gripping onto Emers slipper with all her might...

*The other evening I walk into ELs bathroom to grab something.. And there he is.. Standing over the toilet with a plunger and he is naked... (I'M sorry to everyone who just read that.. I know it sounds absolutely hideous) I say to him.. "what are you doing??" his reply "well since I am dirty already I mine as well plunge the toilet" All I can do is laugh and he says "you should put that in the blog".. So there you have it El.. It is in the blog..

Bloggin is fun!!! I enjoy it so much.. I wish I were a better writer. I also wish that I had 1 billion dollars!!! (thanks Dr. Evil) Or should it be a million dollars? Because if I had a million dollars I'd buy me a monkey.. Because as the Bare Naked Ladies say "haven't you always wanted a monkey?"

Thanks for reading.. I hope you enjoy..