Thursday, December 30, 2010


It has been a crazy week! I really have debated on writing this post, because this last week has been hard!
Emer turned 8! I actually have a post dedicated to her, but I haven't been able to finish it up. Maybe one day! :) She had a good birthday. Then on that same day (the 23rd) we had a big Steve Murphy family get together. It is always fun to see all the bros and sisters! We missed some this year.. Hopefully next year we can all get together!
On the 24th morning, my Gramps woke me up at 5 because my Grams was feeling really sick. So I ran up to check on her, and immediately called 911. She was having a heart attack. It was a scary morning, and scary day. We figured that she had 2 heart attacks before Gramps woke me up then had two more while I was on the phone with 911, then she had 2 more at the hospital. NO FUN! We were all really worried. I was sure this was going to be the worst Christmas ever! BUT, after some quick surgery she was on the mend. Well I guess as well as can be mended. I got to bring her home on the 26th!
Christmas was okay! I didn't take one picture because I was taking only video so my Grams would be able to see all of the morning fun! All of the kids got so many things! It really was a true blessing that we were able to have a good Christmas.
This last week has been tough. I must say that my Grams really runs a tight ship! I have been doing her regular things each day, because she is on a NO work order from the docs. Let me tell you, every night I hit the pillow and I don't MOVE until 7 am the next morning.

I am so grateful that everything worked out for the best this Christmas. I'm so grateful that my Grams is alive. There was a point where I thought for sure it was her time. I wasn't ready for that, so I am glad the Lord has let her stay for a bit longer. I'm sure my Gramps is really grateful too.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Blessed Be...

EL turned 35 today! I would like to say that I have 35 reasons to post as to why I love him, but I don't!
Just kidding.. I really do, but the Internet really doesn't want to hear them all!
SO, Happy Birthday to my amazing hubby! He brings me joy every day and I am so excited I get to be with him for all of his birthdays!

Friday, December 10, 2010

not so good parenting...

The one word that I would use to describe Helam right now would be spaz. Ever since he became mobile he really gets into everything! He climbs on everything, opens every cupboard(even the ones with child locks) and is just all around unlike any other child I have had!

So to my greatest pleasure, two weeks ago he started to like to watch movies.. (yea) Mainly Toy Story 3 (which by the way if I have to watch it with him once more I might go crazy). I was SOOOO happy! It was actually nice to have 90 or so minutes to get things done! Now he likes to watch Finding Nemo! WHEW...

I would say that it isn't great parenting on my part to ask him if he would like to watch "NEMO" or "SLINK"every time he is under foot, or wanting to destroy something but I would just like to state for the record that he is still getting his daily exercises in!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


So here they are! My attempts on being "crafty". Let me just say this: I really enjoyed doing these crafts and I look forward to getting better at them. My brains ideas are so much better than what my hands actually created!

My "Martha Stewart" veggie tray for Thanksgiving! I really thought it was cute. Also, note the beautiful purple punch bowl in the back ground. That was my yummy attempt at making LimeRickies... SO SO SO GOOD!!!

Here is my fist attempt at an Advent Calendar. My Mom has accepted it. (thank goodness) I like the size of it. Not so much the color choice...

Second Advent Calendar.. I like how this one turned out! The size is pretty big, but I know that it will work for my sister Crystal! The reason that I decided to make these on my own, is because one: at a store I went to, I saw one and loved it, but it was falling apart! YIKES. And two: this blog that I follow had great ideas.. I will be making more in the future with the hopes they will turn out more like this.
Christmas village.. For my sister Crystal. I bought the houses from Hobby Lobby for super cheap! I did all of the painting and decor by myself! I LOVE THEM! I will be making many more in the future!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Quickity Quick...

I made a promise to myself last month that I would blog more. HUM.. Didn't happen and that makes me sad. I really had alot to blog about, but didn't find the time!

PTC: The girls and Korban all did really well on their report cards and all of their teachers had great things to say about them during PTC or SEP or o my goodness what could you possible have to tell me that I don't already know... SO, we decided to have an Ice Cream party for all of their successes. El and I took all the kids to Dans and they got to pick out all of their yummy favorites. While checking out the young man who was ringing us up asked what it was all for and I let him know it was for good grades. He nodded in approval and then asked when he could show up.. :)

SNOW: There was a flurry of excitement of the proposed "Blizzard of 2010" yikes! The weekend before we got about a foot of snow, so I was SO excited for the upcoming blizzard. The city shut down! Schools were closing! It was going to be a Thanksgiving Miracle. It really just turned out to be the biggest weather disappointment of the century! I am sure it had effects all over the state, but East Millcreek! But to my greatest enjoyment, on Sunday it started to snow and it didn't stop until Monday afternoon... 12 more inches later and we are well on our way of having the greatest snow ever!!!! I hope that the snow keeps on coming and that on Christmas morning we will all be able to enjoy the warm snow gear we will be getting...

December: I woke up this morning feeling anxious! I LOVE December! We have 4 of our own little families birthdays this month on top of about 300 others in both sides of our families...
But there is a sadness about it. Samantha will be an official TEEN! That breaks my heart abit. I look at her everyday and still see that little baby... El will be turning 35.. He told me yesterday that he feels that 35 is an OLD age. I have to agree. I never thought that I would like a 35 year old! HA... But I do like him. Emer will be 8 this month. She is so over the moon about being baptised. This is my baby girl... O how I wish she would just stay little..
As for me I will be 33 this month. What should I tell my almost 33 year old self? TO TAKE A CHILL PILL... 33 isn't that big of a deal! Embrace it! Love it! o and don't forget to go out of the 32's with a BANG!!!

Christmas: What can I say, I love Christmas! Who doesn't? (EL!) We have been decorating and I have been crafting. I have yet to post pics of my crafts, but before I divvy them up today I will take pics and hopefully post them before 2011!