Monday, September 29, 2008

the toilet paper posse

tonight my boys seemed to be doing so good.. just watching the chipmunks in their bedroom and just relaxing..
notice how I say seemed... well El got up to check on them and then all the crazy giggles and running around started.. this is what I found...


Don't let this innocent look full you!

attempting to clean up the mess

I like to call this one "toilet paper super man"


So on August 25th Murray City decided that because we had two water main breaks during the winter, they needed to replace all of the main water lines! NO PROBLEM right?? Well I didn't think so.. But our road is still torn up, we have new water lines, new gutter & driveway entries and we are supposed to have our road repaved this week..
The reason for the ARGH is, it has been a long time!! We can't park on our street, or pull in our driveway.. It is just a pain..
I guess I have to look at the bright side and realize that it is "supposed" to be complete by the end of the week.. That is what the construction guys tell me.. But what it reminds me of, is the movie the "MONEY PIT".. if you haven't seen it, please is old, but funny.. The owners of the house keep asking "how much longer", and the workers keep saying "two weeks".... But in our case they keep saying one week..
We will see how it goes!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thanks Amy! This one made me think...

*I am......

*I am....Listening to my kids get ready for school

*I think....I need to have more patients

*I know....That God loves me!

*I take a vacation...

*I have....a nasty cold.

*I miss....Nothing really...

*I much.

*I little new baby jumping in my belly like a Kangaroo

*I hear....Korban singing some superhero song.

*I smell....Nada. My nose is all stuffy

*I crave....El's home made salsa! YUMMY

*I cry....about everything all the time.. DANG HORMONES

*I search...for Gannon's gloves.. He always has to be wearing them lately.

*I wonder....if my new baby will be healthy

*I regret....not going to college

*I wish....El could work from home and I could work with him.

*I love....the life that I have!

*I care....about how I make people feel. (does that make sense?)

*I always....have to watch spongebob! ARGH

*I worry....about what the world is coming to

*I am strong as I would like to be.

*I remember....the first time I saw El.. AH.. what a dream boat!

*I believe....that my family can get through anything!

*I sing...all the time.. I love to sing. I should be a pro! Just Kidding

*I don't always....think before I speak

*I argue....with my tweens!

*I write....not very much..

*I lose....with my tweens most of the time..

*I the giggles of my kids playing..

*I don't understand...why the world never speaks of the good and just focus' on the bad.

*I can usually be my PJ's.. They are really the only thing that fit.

*I take a shower.

*I forget....what life was like before my kids.

*I am happy....that I have a huge family!!!

I tag anyone who would like to share!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Korban: Emer, why do you have chicken pox on your tongue?
Emer: There not chicken pox's, there taste buds!
Korban: WHY?
Emer: To make us taste our food.. DUH

Monday, September 22, 2008

First day of Fall

This morning, I awoke to Morgan singing, "Hooray, its the first day of fall" over and over again...
My question to her was, Morg why are you so happy for fall? Her response, because my birthday is coming up! DUHHH!!
I love fall.. I love the smell, the coolness of the air and Halloween.. And, I love that Morgan and Kylah will be a year older, and that will make me feel much older!!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Why is it that once the school year starts, sickness ensues? Since last Saturday (sept 13th) we have had the flu going around our house. And it isn't the flu that you have for a day or two and then leaves, it is a flu that you have for about 3 days, then you think it is gone, then it returns.. and with a vengeance!! And because my family is big, it seems to last longer in our house.
It first started with Korban on the 13th, then Gannon on the 14th, El the 15th, Emer the 16th, me the 16th, and now Morgan today. So I still have two kids who are yet to get it!!! ARGGGGHH!!! Why, Why, Why???
The one thing I am grateful for is that none of us have had to be hospitalized. My nephew got it and he had to be put in the hospital for about 2 days, because he became very dehydrated..

Friday, September 12, 2008

Bryan vs the Hurricane

My Cousin Bryan
This is my cousin Bryan.. He is like a brother to me. We were raised together and he well is awesome. He is a Marine and I think sometimes he thinks he is Rambo.. When we were kids, my Grandpa would take us to the Army, Navy Surplus Store and Bryan could always find something there.. Me, not so much...
This is where Bryan vs the Hurricane comes into play... I have never been worried about Hurricanes.. Because I haven't had any reason to be worried, because all of my family lives here in Utah. And recently Bryan has moved to Houston TX. So this is the first time that I have had to worry about anyone I care about in a Hurricane.
I spoke with Bry yesterday and he is totally thrilled that there is a Hurricane.. (I told you he thinks he is Rambo) He told me about his 45 min wait to get gas and my Grandma told me about how he was telling her about the people fighting in WalMart over everything.
I asked him if he was going to evac and he was very infatic that he is going to ride out the storm.. He told me that he has his video camera & camera ready to go.. I asked him if he had food and water and he said he has food and beer.. I guess that will work..
So now is a wait and see game. I hope that everything goes well for him.. But like he told me, "I'm a Marine, I can handle this"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The joys of my babies!!

I can honestly say today has been the craziest day for my kids (and it is only 2:30).. Maybe it is the weather..
Emer wanted to take a bath before school, so I ran her one and then Korban decided he wanted in to.. Okay.. No prob.. I leave the bathroom for 1 minute then I hear this crazy laughter and I run in and there is Gannon.. I the tub.. He took his diaper off, but not the shirt.. It was the cutest thing!
Then I took Emer to school.. All was great, then on the way home (mind you it is a two minute drive) (and yes, I drive her.. I am lazy) I hear Korban screaming.... I look in the rear view mirror and Gannon who is in his car seat has somehow gotten a hold of Korban and they are hitting and pinching each other.. Then I realize that Gannon gave Korban a bloody nose.. What the crap?? Can't brothers just love each other all day for at least one day??
AHH.. I can't wait till the girls all get home from school to see what else transpires!

Monday, September 8, 2008

6 Quirks Tag...

The Rules:
Link the Person who Tagged you.
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Tell about 6 quirks of yours.
Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same.
Leave a comment to let them know.

Thank you Traci for taggin me.. I am pretty boring as you will soon find out..

1. I don't go the grocery store alone. I hate it!! I think it is more of a paranoia than a quirk.

2. Re-arranging is the greatest thing.. I love to re-arrange the bedrooms, living room, kitchen.. Anything.. The thing that sucks is my house is small and I can only move things so much, before it never seems different.

3. Laundry is of the devil. As many of you know, I hate laundry.. Switching it from washer to dryer, then folding, then putting away.. I am still awaiting the invention that does it all for me, and I never have to do it again..

4. I love to organize.. But not my own things..

5. I would love to work full time and have El stay home. The reason... I love to work.. Especially under pressure. I miss working alot, but I do love staying home with my family.

6. I like to dance with my kids. We dance alot! When I was a kid, my mom always would turn the stereo (yes I said Stereo) on and we would dance while we worked around the house or just to have fun.. I like to do the same with my kids.

Here are the 6 lucky people that I tag.. Kariann, Cheri, Tiffany, Tamar, Heather & Jenn

Friday, September 5, 2008

Pic's of our Desert Camp trip & Emers first day of Kindergarten

Me & the kids.. Don't look at my fatty legs.
El & wishful thinking.. (Morgan found this 1/2 of a deer or Elk horn.. she reluctantly gave it to Uncle Jason)

Aunt Meri.. She is a total cutie!!!

Gannon, Korban & Emer checking out the horn

Gannon and all his cuteness.. He loved rock climbing!

Katara our Mountain Dog..

El & the kids at the top of some rocks!! They had a great time...

Emer after she got home. Yesterday was her first day of Kindergarten

Emer waiting in line.. She was nervous!

My baby girl Emer.. O I love her.. I love even more that she wants to go back to school.. (I was worried)