Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Recent Milestones and 1 heartache...

I thought that I should document some recent milestones that are going on in the Murphy household..

~Today marks day 7 of NO soda or caffeine for El and I.
~This morning El had to add another notch to his belt! WHOOT WHOOT!!!
~As of this evening Gannon has been in underpants for 11 days! He has only had 2 poop accidents and 0 pee accidents. And last night, was the first night that I put him to bed with underpants on and he woke up twice to tell me that he had to pee! I am soo soo proud of him.
~Helam is now sitting up on his own from an on the ground position. He almost has crawling down.
~Samantha has all A's and B's so far in school. She will be starting orchestra next week!
~Kylah has all A's.
~Morgan has all A's.
~Emer is starting to like to read! WAHOO!
~Korban is realizing that he is a big boy and doesn't really need to play with my ears any more. But, he still likes to play with everyone else's..

Now for the heartache.. Helam was such a great little sleeper for so many months. But, because of the camping and him having to sleep with me during these camping trips he has become accustomed to it. So, I now have a little baby who wants to sleep in momma and daddy's bed. It is sooo soo uncomfortable. Helam is the first baby that I have had that never wanted to sleep with me from day one. So, I was grateful that he loved his own bed. But now, he likes to snuggle mom.. I hope that I can curb this trend here in the next couple of weeks. If you have any advise, please feel free to share because I've got nothin!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Diet Coke...

For those of you who don't know, I love Diet Coke. I have for years. But, because of some issues that I am having I have decided to kick the habit..
Today is day one. Wish me luck. I have tried to stop soda before and the soda has always won. But not this time!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Just because I can't, doesn't mean I don't want to!

Funny title right? I know! But just hear me out...
Yesterday you, my sweet little baby turned 8 months old! How did this time go by so fast? It feels like yesterday I just had you. I was able to hold your cute 7 pound 9 oz body. I was satisfied that you were my last baby. Now, your not that little tiny baby! Your a big boy! case in point:

This picture was take on September 7th 2009. Two days ago. We were on our way home from the 240, when a couple of incidents happened. You couldn't stand to be in your car seat any longer so your sweet sister Samantha took you. Look at you! YOUR HUGE! No longer that teeny, tiny person.. And look at your face! Your totally cooping attitude! But, you make me laugh!

So the reason for the title. Just because I can't, doesn't mean I don't want to.. I miss having the little person, who doesn't want to be independent. Who doesn't grow two bottom teeth at the age of 4 months. Who doesn't want to crawl!

I miss this!

This is your new cousin and my new niece. Her name is Elise. She is so cute and tiny. Here I am with her and the entire time I was holding her, I wanted another one! I KNOW! CRAZY!!!!! Can I tell you how crazy that is. It is so crazy in fact that I feel guilty. That is how crazy it is. The benefit about it all, is holding her makes me love you even more, because you are my last tiny baby. Here we are, just the two of us! The first time we met...

I feel blessed beyond measure that I have you and your 6 other siblings! I don't know what I would do without you all! I am so proud to be your mom! Even if during the last 3 weeks, you have seriously developed a case of the I WANT MY SISTERS.. If you could talk, I am sure that is what your saying, because woozers kid, you totally know how to through a fit and get what you want with those girls. But really, who could resist this face?


Thursday, September 3, 2009


Today I feel that I made a mistake on not sending Korban to kindergarten.