Wednesday, December 3, 2008

33 Weeks & Counting!

This morning as I was getting ready for my 33 week checkup, I looked in the mirror and had a realization.. The realization is this: WHAT AM I DOING??? To have another new born, who crys, poops, and only wants to eat 24/7! Am I nuts? I will answer for you. YES! I know you are all thinking, um shouldn't you have figured this all out before you got pregnant again?? And yes, I should have. But who is really thinking of all of that during that time of baby making? Apparently not me. . Go ahead and laugh at me.. It is okay. I understand.
It isn't that I am freaking out or anything. It is just that all of a sudden sleepless nights are entering my mind and being a constant milk machine isn't really what I am looking forward to do for the next year. The plus side is this, I get to hold my new baby and kiss him and think that he is the most precious thing in this world until the day comes when he finally realizes that playing in the toilet is far more entertaining than me. (for anyone who doesn't know me and toilets, please see one of my first posts. you will totally think it is funny)

Here is what happened during my check up.. I thought for sure my Doc would tell me that I am well over 3 billion pounds and say o by the way your baby is the size of an elephant. But, no such luck..
I gained 1 pound in 3 weeks.. I don't think that should be normal, but she thinks it is.. And she thinks that my babies growth is up to speed.. What does that mean really?? Is he going to come out the size of an elephant, or at least a 10 lb toddler? I guess I will just have to wait and see. The one thing that I am looking forward to is, I have one two week check up left and then I am to every week.. My time is running out and I am happy, freaked out and happy again..

Update on other things: We put up our Christmas tree last weekend. I love it. It is beautiful. I will take pictures in the next while and post them.
Also about the twilight series & movie... I loved the series.. So much that when El was finishing the last two books, I had him read out loud to me so I could hear them all over again.. AHH.. I love Edward.. Okay the movie: I watched it far to close to reading the book. That is what my problem is. I thought that the actors or the director could have done a much better job, but the funny thing is, I can't stop thinking about the movie.. I think, hum.. maybe I should see it again.. BUT NO.. I will wait til I am out of the "twilight mode" as I like to call it so I won't be so judgemental..


  1. I am sad that you didn't like the movie. I hope you go again and it is better for you. I loved it.

  2. Oh my gosh, I can't believe you are at 33 weeks, it's gone by so dang fast, for me, hee hee! I'm sad that you didn't love Twilight either, I know there is definitely cheezy parts, but it's high schoolish you know. It will grow on you I promise. We should all go together!

    So I know you keep asking how I am feeling, thanks for thinking of me, you are so nice. I actually have bad news that I will post later, but I'm okay now. Glad you are feeling well. Sure do love you guys.

  3. Wow I can't believe you are 33 weeks!! And as for the twilight movie...I wasn't much of a fan either!! It was okay, but not great!! The movie in my head is far better than the real movie!! :)

  4. You are getting close to your due date! How exciting! My little baby is almost 9 months already and it seems like he was just born. Time really flies, and they don't stay small for very long. Good luck with these last few weeks!

  5. I am so excited for your new little one! You are such a sweet mom! Good luck with everything! We will be thinking of you guys!