Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Recent Milestones and 1 heartache...

I thought that I should document some recent milestones that are going on in the Murphy household..

~Today marks day 7 of NO soda or caffeine for El and I.
~This morning El had to add another notch to his belt! WHOOT WHOOT!!!
~As of this evening Gannon has been in underpants for 11 days! He has only had 2 poop accidents and 0 pee accidents. And last night, was the first night that I put him to bed with underpants on and he woke up twice to tell me that he had to pee! I am soo soo proud of him.
~Helam is now sitting up on his own from an on the ground position. He almost has crawling down.
~Samantha has all A's and B's so far in school. She will be starting orchestra next week!
~Kylah has all A's.
~Morgan has all A's.
~Emer is starting to like to read! WAHOO!
~Korban is realizing that he is a big boy and doesn't really need to play with my ears any more. But, he still likes to play with everyone else's..

Now for the heartache.. Helam was such a great little sleeper for so many months. But, because of the camping and him having to sleep with me during these camping trips he has become accustomed to it. So, I now have a little baby who wants to sleep in momma and daddy's bed. It is sooo soo uncomfortable. Helam is the first baby that I have had that never wanted to sleep with me from day one. So, I was grateful that he loved his own bed. But now, he likes to snuggle mom.. I hope that I can curb this trend here in the next couple of weeks. If you have any advise, please feel free to share because I've got nothin!


  1. I love your blog. The picture of your family is so cute.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new header picture. It is perfect!

  3. I think its great to reflect on some of the milestones in your family. Being a mom can be overwhelming, but it really is to your credit that your family is accomplishing so much. Keep up the good work Ang.

  4. Great family picture! Good work on kicking Soda to the curb. You're stronger than I.

  5. Hey you, darling family pic, seriously I LOVE it. Love all the milestones, what a great way to document and as far as advice about Helam, um......................yah my almost 3 year old is still with us and my baby is due in just over a month, WHAT AM I GOING TO DO??? Let me know if you find any advice that's good!

  6. LOVE your family picture!! It is SO cute!! :) Good luck with Helam... I have no good advice!!lol Good to hear about your family, glad all is going well I'm so proud of you for no caffeine for 7 days!!!

  7. What a cute surprise to see your adorable family pic! I love it! I enjoyed reading all the updates with the fam and I'm sorry but I have no advice for you :( I'm sure Jovie is a permanent occupant in our bed!