Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Much needed update

I have seriously been a slacker when it comes to updating my blog. I like to think that I am just to busy to be burdened with the blog, but I'm really not! It is just a lack of wanting to update.
HELAM is walking! In the quickest way possible. Once he turned one, he just decided that it was time and everyday he is quicker and quicker! Today he almost started running!
Also today he said OT OH! over and over again. It was so cute and funny.

He is also becoming a pill when it comes to getting into stuff! The other morning, my Grandma called me into the kitchen and I go in there and he is in the oven warmer drawer. Then about an hour later, he was in the dishwasher. Maybe he is just telling me that he will be a culinary genius...

In other news, not much is really going on. I register Korban for Kindergarten next month and he goes to the pediatrician on Thursday to get his check up. He is really growing up! He is getting so tall and he is always telling me "MOM, it's because I'm so smart!" to just about everything!

The girls will all start their new school on March 1st. They really aren't looking forward to it, but I know that the transfer will be for the best and they will love me for it in the long run!


  1. I can't believe your little guy is walking, holy cow!! What a cutie he is! How's living with your grandma going???

  2. I thought you were waiting until the new school year to start them in the new school. I know my girls are going to be SO sad!

  3. Why do babies grow up so fast?? He is so cute!! Love the pictures in the oven warmer and dishwasher!!

  4. Helam's love for kitchen appliances? Hilarious. He is such a cute kid, but his face says mischievous all over it.

  5. What fantastic places for a game of hide and seek! What a fun guy you've got there!!