Saturday, May 1, 2010


How is it already May 1st? It seems like yesterday I was cursing winter and ready to move to Florida.. O WAIT!, it still is winter... BLAH and BLUK!
I have so much to catch up on it isn't funny... The thing about blogging is, if you don't do it everyday or each day an event happens then it is sooo hard.. Needless to say, I am feeling so overwhelmed!
First, Gannon had his birthday. It was a great day for him.. His birthday fell on a Sunday and it was so cute in closing exercises because they called his name to have him go up to be sung to and he was so excited.. He jumped up and down shouting "it's my birthday! it's my birthday!" We had a fun little BBQ with my side of the family.
I think that Gannon had a great 4th Birthday! He is really into LEGO anything. So he got some LEGO Ben10 toys and he also got a LEGO Prince of Persia set. I think that was his favorite. He also got clothes. I'm not sure he liked them very much, because he kept trying to give them to my nephew Breck...

On Wednesday April 28th Morgan and Kylah had a field trip to Antelope Island. We were all praying for good weather. The morning of it was a blizzard. I was not looking forward to the field trip in the snow, but I am so very glad that I went! The weather on the Island was perfect, well except for the crazy wind. But other than that you really couldn't ask for anything better. The sun was shining and it was warm. Well warmer than SLC..

Me and my girls!

It was so windy when I took this picture.. Can you tell?

I love this picture! Isn't it so cool!

It was a fun trip and I am glad I went! I had never been to Antelope Island before and I really enjoyed it! If you haven't made the trip, do! They have a tun of buffalo and antelope on the island and best of all, it didn't stink like you expect the Great Salt Lake to stink!

I really have more to say, but can't at the moment because the baby is fussing.. He isn't feeling to well.. SO, hopefully I will be able to update tomorrow!


  1. I dont know how you do what you do Angie! You are super woman!

  2. I totally agree with you on how hard blogging is if you get a tiny bit behind! I can't believe how old your little guy is, he is sure a cutie! The field trip looks fun! We love Antelope Island!

  3. Oh happy happy day to that sweet little cutie pie. I love that he loves Legos, they're so fun huh? And what a field trip, woo hoo for the wind! Looks like fun, glad you could be with them!