Thursday, April 24, 2008

TV shows I love, miss & hate

Every Thursday morning, I take time out of my cleaning house duties to watch Men In Trees online. I don't watch it on Wednesday evenings when it comes on, because El doesn't like the show and well I am usually to busy to watch TV in the evenings. So today while I was watching it, I started to think of all of my favorite TV shows old and new and that didn't make it through the first season of airing. So I thought it would be fitting for me to put this in my little blog and share it with all of you...

Favorite TV shows: Men In Trees, Eli Stone, Lost, the Office, Scrubs, Chuck (one of my all time faves), the Price is Right (I love Drew Carey hosting),

Shows I miss: Love Monkey (I don't even think it made it through 1 season), Studio Sixty (WHY NBC?? Why did you cancel this show???), Alias, Friends, Who's the Boss, Frasier

Shows I can't stand: Reality TV shows that have no purpose. Now I will admit that I have watched at least the first season of almost every reality TV show. But really, are they necessary?? I like TV shows that make me laugh, make my heart beat a little. O and I do like the biggest looser.. (you all are probably thinking yep we knew it, and that is okay), CSI anything.. Really how many CSI shows are there?? 10 or 20?? The same with Law and Order.. ARRGGGHHH... isn't there enough harshness in the world??

I would love to see Adam Sandler make/be in a sitcom. I think he could do it.. Plus I think he is a total hottie..

I think that Men In Tree's is going to be canceled.. And if it is I will be sad, I have put my plight into NBC to keep it, but I am sure they don't care about little old Angie Murphy... I am also afraid for Eli Stone.. (this is a show that I think has heart, and EL and I agree that it is an awesome show)..

Okay so I know that some or maybe all of you are completely disagreeing with me and that I cool. So in return I would like to see what you guys like, miss, hate and what not about what is going on with TV.. It will give me some insight on what ya'll have in common with me...
I can't wait to hear back!!

O.. and Tracy, good luck with the baby!! I can't wait to see pictures....


  1. I love "Who's the Boss?"! It is one of my favorite shows. There is just something about Tony Danza! I wish his day time talk show was still on! It was so funny!! I love this post! You are so great.

  2. I'm with you on the Office, Jake and I laugh hysterically. It's great! I haven't even heard of some of the ones you watch, you'll have to fill me in when I see you. Can't wait

  3. Love The Office, and I'm totally with you about Studio 60. I'm really bummed that's gone now!

  4. Around here we love The Office, Lost, and Scrubs too. I just started watching the reruns of Scrubs this past year, so I have no idea what's going on this season. But we bought seasons 1 and 2 and I'm sure we'll buy them all. I think it is so funny and creative.