Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Being Sick Sucks

On Friday I started to get some kind of icky feeling.. I thought it was allergies. But I am guessing not.. Soon after I started to feel yucky on Friday, El started to feel bad too. (I personally think this is a conspiracy because he always gets sick when I do, then I don't have time to rest because I am taking care of him and boo hoo.... pitty me....) But maybe his are allergies.. And so the story goes, he was way worse than I was..
Flash forward to Monday (yesterday) I was feeling great and El was starting to do better and the best part was MY KIDS ARE NOT SICK!!
Yeah.. that is wishful thinking on my part. Last night Gannon started to run a fever and all of his yuck started. But his sick wasn't like mine or El's, so maybe he got sick from all the dirt he eats.. Yep.. He eats dirt.. (I blame that on EL also) another gross thing about him.. so this morning after only about 3 hours of sleep I hear a whining kid coming down the hall. It is Emer.. And she is sick too.. So apparently she either has been eating the same dirt as Gannon (she hates dirt) or she has got the icky's that Gan has. I am now awaiting the rest of my kids to get sick because once one is sick then the all are.
so with this blog, I would just like to say that being sick sucks raw eggs.. and when your kids are sick being sick sucks hard boiled eggs (just because I think hard boiled eggs are harder to suck) does that make sense?? yeah.. thanks for listening..


  1. That is icky! And I love the whole egg thing. You are funny! :)

  2. I agree! I hate to have a sick kid. I would much rather be the sick one anyday. And I think that dirt should make you strong... it has minerals right!?

    And no baby yet. I go in tomorrow at 7am to be induced!

  3. I just hope that it doesn't start a vicious cycle and when the last one is just getting over the sickness it loops back around to you again!

    I mean, think positive thoughts, sorry. But that's my "worst case scenario" coming out in me.

    Good luck!