Sunday, June 22, 2008

Catch Up...ARGH

So because I have had really the weirdest two weeks, I have some catch up to do..
First I would like to say thank you to all who have been so kind and loving to me in the last couple of weeks.. It has meant alot to me, and I am very comforted by our Heavenly Father and the glorious plan of salvation that we have..

Eric was 20... about 6 years ago he had a pace maker put in to help his heart, and well his heart decided that the pacemaker was so cool, that it didn't want to work and so the pacemaker was keeping him all alive.. On the 12th of this month, we are not all to sure what has happened, but we do know that it was his time.. And that is when the devastation happened.. He was an amazing person who wasn't about to do anything slow.. He married his sweetheart two years ago and was living life.. He was far to young and we were not ready, but I think that he knew his time was coming and that is why he did everything so fast.. I am grateful to have known him and I am excited that we are part of an eternal family and we will be able to see each other again..

Because of all of that upsidedownness, of the past two weeks, i have been a blog slacker.. The kids are doing so good and they are enjoying summer to the fullest.. I am enjoying it even more, because we now have central air conditioning.. YIPPEE!!! my house is so nice and cool, and I don't walk into the hall way and feel like I am being blown away by the swamp cooler..
El is well.. I am well.. Other than the ickies that I have everyday.. But I figure I am almost out of the first trimester and so this has got to end soon.. I HOPE!!!

Well.. there you go.. My partial book for the day..


  1. I'm all about the A/C right now. Wouldn't you know we'd be having a record breaking heat wave all summer long in San Diego the year I'm pregnant. I hide inside a lot! I'm glad you're getting relief too!!

  2. I am so sorry about your cuz Angie, what a cute young man! Isn't it great that we have the knowledge of the gospel??

    I'm glad you have A/C, I mean being pregnant you've got to have some relief. Can't wait to see you at the reunion, you are coming right??

  3. Sorry about your cousin. It is so sad when people die , but especially young and unexpected. But the gospel is fantastic and is what really keeps us going, right??