Thursday, June 26, 2008

Summer Time!!!

I love it when the weather is hot.. I am really loving it right now, because I have central air.. I love Utah's dry weather.. The smell of the heat...O.. I love it..
You are all probably wondering; the smell of the heat?? Yep.. I said it.. I think that when it is hot, the air has a smell, and I love it..
Every day, I sit out side and just bask in the heat, and the air.. Because the air outside doesn't make me sick.. The thing that I am not liking about the central air, is I can't open my windows, or doors and have all the fresh air going threw my house.. So my house doesn't smell good to me, so that is why I am always outside..
I am also loving summer time, because the kids just play and play outside.. Today they are having some of their friends over and we are going to have a water party.. yeah..
O.. I am totally loving this summer.. I am so glad that it finally showed up!!! (But my lawn isn't)


  1. I have never noticed that summer has a smell except for the cows and minks by our house! And frankly they stink! But I am so glad that summer is here too!

  2. When I think of summer smell I think of sweat. I hope that's not the smell you like.

  3. YAY for Summer. And I am a little concerned about your love for the smell of heat...:)