Wednesday, February 18, 2009

6 Random things about ME...

Here it goes...

1. I watch Days of Our Lives almost every day and have since I was in Jr High School. There is something about that show that I just can't escape. It could be the devil possessing people, Stefano killing John Black again.. Or Sami scheming again.. I love DOOL!

2. I love my feet! But I love them more in the summer time when I have a flip flop line! Totally stupid, I know!

3. Being under pressure is one of my favorite things. When I worked, I loved the deadline. Now, my deadline is when I have company coming over and I want my house to be super clean.

4. I love to rearrange my house. El hates this about me, but he does it for me anyway. Now that i'm not pregers any more, I can help him.

5. Remodeling is the most amazing thing ever! Good thing I married El, because he likes it too. Next on my list, is to paint the bathrooms (after I have done my kitchen)!

6. I love little baby stinky feet! I smell Helams feet all the time, and it isn't that they stink (they don't) but they have a baby stink that I love!

So I tag who ever wants to do this!!!


  1. Thanks for doing my tag!! You are awesome!! I do the SAME thing with Brynlee's feet!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who does that! :) lol

  2. It's so fun to learn interesting tidbits about each other. I too love a deadline. In fact, I think the only way my house ever gets really clean is when we're having people over.

  3. Love that you love feet, not many people do and I think it's funny to see them freak out, ask Jake's fam about that! You are so cute Ang, can't wait to see you tonight.