Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Love...

Okay so I know this is a bit late, but better late than never or "better out than in".. (quote from shrek)

The first time I saw El in a convergys hallway, I was on my way to work. Not looking forward to it, because at that point I was hating my job.. I looked up and out of no-where there was this guy, walking into the lunch room.. Our eyes met and he said "Hey cutie"! First, who says that to a stranger? Second, EL does.. He was a flirt and still is.. From that moment on I think that was in june of 01 I stalked him for like a month. Not kidding, I stalked him. But only at work stalked. No outside stalking, because that would have been crazy.. (but I am crazy)

I asked him out first. It really wasn't an offical date, it was just lunch.. We talked and it was awesome. From that day on, we talked almost everyday (except when he went to the murphy reunion that was in logan) (i missed him.. i was sad) And we have only been apart for a couple of reasons since then.. First, when I broke up with him, and second when he went on all of his work trips..

El is by far the coolest guy. I love him so much. Not only because he is a great father & husband, but because he is totally my greatest friend! He makes me laugh everyday. I am so blessed that he is mine!!! (yes, i say that possessively) I think we have a great marriage and partner ship! I am so glad that he flirted with me in that hallway all those years ago!!!


  1. Awww...That's so sweet! :) I loved how you stalked him...that totally made me laugh!!

  2. That is a cute story. I have never heard it before. How fun!

  3. You guys really are the cutest ever! And I better be seeing him on Friday okay. Love your story!