Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Sickness & the flowers...

Last Tuesday, Emer was feeling yucky and did for 3 days. She missed school for 2 and on the 3rd she decided that staying home was not as fun as school so she went.. She had a cough and a fever. Nothing to crazy... On Friday, both Korban and Gannon got the "sickness". Both had fever and a cough and Gannon threw up once. I thought it was from the cough. The boys both slept alot during their sickness and now they are both fine.
This morning Kylah came into my room, ran straight for her daddy and proceeded to tell him that she is sick.. I bolted up and took her temp and it was 103.5, she doesn't have the cough (yet) but she has the vomits.. Really bad..
I hate it so bad when my kids get sick! Kylah is really bummed out, because she hasn't missed a day of school yet this year, and she really wanted to be that kid who gets the special award for being 100% in attendance.. I was really rooting for her too.. Poor sweet girl. Now I just have to wait for the other kids to get this yucky sickness.. BUMMER

On a lighter note, I looked out my front window and saw a bloomed flower, well two actually.. I am going to take pictures of them.. I am so looking forward to spring and summer and being outside with my kids and doing all the fun summer activities.. I am also looking forward to them all being healthy..


  1. I love your header! How long did that take you? It is perfect!
    Sorry about the sickness. I guess that is one good thing about Summer, usually no one is sick. :)

  2. I love your new header too!! I'm sorry about the sickness...hopefully everyone won't get it!! :( I cannot wait for the warm weather either!! Joe and I both agree El's video is still the funniest!! :)

  3. It has to be tough to have your kids go thorugh rotations with sicknesses! I hope it goes through quickly.

    I love your header too!