Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Break.. Yeah right!

This last week my kids have been home for "Spring Break".. So for the last 6 days it has been crap weather and only 1 day was good. That was last Saturday. I know that all of this rain/snow is GREAT for our water situation come summer, but COME ON this is getting ridiculous.
I was checking the weather report on the local KUTV.COM website and wouldn't you know it, the weather starts to turn around on Monday. The day my kids have to go back to school. ARGH

El and I were debating on taking a vacation to San Diego while the kids were on break and decided to stay home. BUMMER should have gone. O well maybe next year.


  1. Don't feel too bad, the weather here hasn't been that great for tourists. It's been really nice for those of us that don't love summer year round though. I just don't think you guys would've like swimming in the ocean while it was low 60s and the water hasn't warmed up much yet.

  2. It has been a crappy Spring Break. I was wishing for the sun and so were the girls. I have enjoyed the Spring cleaning that has been accomplished though.