Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tick Tock

Where is all of the time going? I have no clue! The past few weeks have seemed to fly by and I don't feel like I have gotten anything accomplished.
But when I look back and really think about all that has been done, I have accomplished alot! At least to me it is alot!
First, Kylah, Emer and Korban all started swim lessons. They all love them so much and today I will get pictures of them during lessons.
Samantha and Morgan both started Orchestra yesterday. WOW.. And they love (so far) to practice. I am going to make sure that they work really hard at playing, so that this skill will stay with them!
Helam is now full fledged "stink bug" crawling. I got some pictures but for some reason I can't load them from this computer, so I will have to upload them later.
And well Gannon is up to his usual antics. I just got up to go check on the boys and he has pulled all of the cushions off of the couch. NORMAL for him.. PAIN for me..
Now on to one of the biggest accomplishments.. I have moved my dining room to where our living room was and moved the living room to where the dining room was. It took me a while to get used to it, but now I love it! I will get pictures of that as well.
I guess the reasons that I have to list all of this stuff down, is so that I am feeling some what good about myself and the accomplishments that are happening around here.
Lately I have not had the greatest self worth and I am really having to count my blessings and count them out loud. Being discouraged is one of my weak points and one of the ways satan has his hold on me.. SO I really am having to put down all of these great blessing.. And in case your wondering, still NO soda for either El or I! That right there is an amazing accomplishment and ya'll would be so proud of me, because last week I went to McDonald's and got a poweraide. NOT BAD either. Maybe I will get one tonight on the way to taking kids to lessons!


  1. Sorry that you are having a hard time. It is tough when you get down on yourself, to get back up. But you are so great and a super mom, so please remember that!
    And AWESOME job on the no soda thing! I hope you keep it up. We went for about 2.5 months and then I had to have a coke again. :)

  2. You really have accomplished a lot!! I totally admire you as a mom, wife, and person! I always think...if she can do it, so I can I!! AMAZING job on no soda!! You are much stronger than me!! lol :)

  3. Hey Angie,

    I'm sorry you're feelin down. I can totally relate. You really are an AWESOME person and a terrific mom. I really admire you! Way to go on the soda thing!!! I had a tough time getting Danny to mostly kick the dew and it makes such a difference in how you feel!

  4. I love your family picture, you look really good, especially for having all those kids!

  5. I can't believe all that you have accomplished! Thats an amazing list. Way to go!

  6. Swimming lessons? I bet your pools are in-doors!