Thursday, January 7, 2010

blur, zoom, snap, thawck!

This last year has been a BLUR. Helam is 1, ONE! Can you believe it? How did this year just zoom on by without telling me?
Since Helam has joined our family, I have learned so much about being a mom. I really should have learned before with all of the other children, but I think that Helam has taught me more about being a Momma! He has taught me patience, understanding, love, forgiveness, and so much more! The joy that he has brought to our family is immeasurable! What would I do without him?
I can remember being in labor with him. Just wanting to see him and hold him and comfort him. I knew he was ready to be out in the world weeks before he came. I could just feel his sweet spirit close to me. His labor was hard! Harder and longer than any of my others. But when he was finally born, I felt complete! Like he was the main reason I was sent on this earth. Because of those feelings, I felt like I was a horrible mom before he came. But since his arrival into our family, I have learned more about how to love and care for my other children! I have had to forgive myself for my faults as a mom and I have learned how to cope with having the burdens of my past in front of me all of the time. I guess that since Helam has been with us, I have had time to reflect on my life and I have learned that I am in control! I KNOW, weird realization! The only thing that matters on this earth, is my Family, and how I help them all reach our one common goal. Returning to our Father in Heaven and doing so with honor!
I am truly blessed to be a mother to such amazing kids! I have the most beautiful princesses and the bravest warriors!
Happy Birthday New Baby! I love you with all of my being!

Helams 1st Birthday from Angie Murphy on Vimeo.

Your probably wondering about the song choice, and let me just tell you that there is nothing better in this world than Josh Groban. Well there are lots of things better, but he does have an amazing voice, and I just know that when Helam comes into his own with singing, he will sound just like Groban, if not better!!!


  1. Wow Angie....I sure wish I had your motherly wisdom....That is so awesome and so beautiful! Helam is such a little angel.
    BTW totally agree about Josh Groban!

  2. What a cutie! They do always grow too fast though! On a side note, I have never heard that song by Josh Groban--do I live under a rock? Does he have a new CD out that I don't know about?!?

  3. Oh Angie, is he seriously so adorable. I LOVE that Mya and Helam share their birthday with each other. The slide show is darling, it's funny because it's the first time I can't decide who he looks like. I've always thought El, but there are so many that he looks like you too. He's a doll. Happy Birthday sweet baby boy!