Monday, January 11, 2010

To feel like Crap, or to not feel like Crap

Quickly! I am SOOOO over my job! Well the job itself is great.. But why is it that the personnel (boss people) have to be rude and unkind and just overall mean???
Question? Am I that person that you feel you have to just be rude to? Do I look like the kind of person that can take it? Because guess what, I CAN'T! I am that person who will flip out! REALLY, I will FLIP!
As if today the Crazy didn't come on full force then I have to deal with the rudeness! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! (imagine Izzy Stevens from Greys Anatomy saying it!)
So, tomorrow I am going to quit my job! (that is if I can even muster the courage) Because I can't handle the stress.. I am 32 freaking years old, and I am not looking forward to having a heart attack at 35 due to stress related anxiety!

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