Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birthday Boy

My sweet Gannon had his 5th birthday on Monday April 25th.. He is such a special boy and I enjoy him so much!

He really brings so much joy to our family.. I often tell him that I want him to stay little. He will give me a weird look and say "okay".

On Monday when I was giving him his bath, I told him that on that day 5 years ago he got his first bath ever.. I then asked him who gave it to him and he said "me?" I let him know that daddy was the one to give him the bath.. He then said "I like when daddy gives me baths"..

Gannon's favorite things right now are Ben10 toys and his ultimate favorite is Lego Ninjagos.. This past week when we were in California we took a day trip to LegoLand California.. It was so awesome and Gannon thought it was the best birthday ever!!!

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