Friday, August 26, 2011

Almost Accomplished...

At the beginning of summer Morgan and Kylah decided to see if they could see all of the licence plates for the US... This was a FUN game! It got all of us involved.
The only catch was, they had to get all 50 before school started... We were able to see 47, plus Ontario, Alberta, Winnipeg, Australia and Tonga! REALLY, Tonga! In a Home Depot parking lot. If only any of those 5 could have been the illusive 3...
Hopefully next summer we can get all 50!


  1. We used to always play that game on family vacations! I don't think we were ever able to find all 50 either. That Hawaii is a tough one!

  2. We always played that game on family vacations too. I don't think we ever got all 50 states either...