Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mom..Put that in the Blog

Mom put that in the blog is what my kids now tell me about everything.. And I as well say, I should put that in my blog.. Isn't it funny how blogging makes you think that everything in the world you do should be placed on display for everyone to read?? So here are some recent things I have said I should put in my blog as well as what my kids and El have said should be in here.

*My sister Crystal looks amazing in hats.. I can't pull a hat off to save my life.. Why is that? I saw her the other day at my grandmas and she is wearing this super cute hat and I say to her.. "why do you wear hats?" She says "because I look good in them".. (or something to that effect)(if she want to put exactly what she said she will have to put it in my comments section) So yes.. My baby sister totally can pull off the hat look.. And to her I say CONGRATS...

*Today Emer is playing around with our puppy Katara.. Katara is chasing her and pulling off her slippers.. Emer is laughing hysterically and she says Mom you should put this in our blog.. And as I turn to look at her she is being drug across the kitchen floor by the dog who is gripping onto Emers slipper with all her might...

*The other evening I walk into ELs bathroom to grab something.. And there he is.. Standing over the toilet with a plunger and he is naked... (I'M sorry to everyone who just read that.. I know it sounds absolutely hideous) I say to him.. "what are you doing??" his reply "well since I am dirty already I mine as well plunge the toilet" All I can do is laugh and he says "you should put that in the blog".. So there you have it El.. It is in the blog..

Bloggin is fun!!! I enjoy it so much.. I wish I were a better writer. I also wish that I had 1 billion dollars!!! (thanks Dr. Evil) Or should it be a million dollars? Because if I had a million dollars I'd buy me a monkey.. Because as the Bare Naked Ladies say "haven't you always wanted a monkey?"

Thanks for reading.. I hope you enjoy..


  1. You are so cute! I love that your family tells you to put stuff in the blog. I think you should look through my archives and find the "addicted to blogging" quiz and take it! I want to know what your score is! You are so fun! I love reading your blog :)

  2. Katie I have taken the quiz and I am 64% addicted to blogging.. I personally think that I am more, but maybe not.. How funny is that.. I am glad that you like my blog.. At least I have you to read and post on it.. Your totally awesome..

  3. Also, I'd buy a fur coat, but not a real fur coat that's cruel. ;)