Monday, August 25, 2008

First day of school..

Kylah, Morgan & Sam

Well today is the first day of school for my biggest girls. They were all so excited to see all of their friends and meet their new teachers..

Morgan has Mrs. Jackson!! She is so excited

Kylah has Mrs. Schatten.. She is a little nervous
Samantha has Mrs. Gleason who is new to the school.. Sam isn't sure if she should be excited or just annoyed..

Emer isn't to happy, because she doesn't start school til the 4th...


  1. Hey I LOVE your new look, so cute. And I love the pics of the kids starting school, what a fun time. So yes maybe next year we can get a group of us together and go river rafting, you would love it. Now watch I won't be able to go because I'll be pregnant. That would be good though. We'll try sometime right?

  2. I'm glad we have blogs too. I just told Joe, I feel like I know the Murphy's SO much better becuase of blogs! :) Do you get to find our what your having soon?? Love the school pictures, they are really cute!