Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The going on's in this house of mine...

For the last week or so, we have had some things going on.. Like, road construction on my street.. First Murray City decided that since we had two water main breaks during the winter, they needed to replace our water mains. And I am okay with that.. It didn't take them long and surprisingly Murray City is efficient. They started work at 7 am and were done by 430pm.
This morning, (7am) i awoke to all of this ruckace on my street, and then I remembered that they are going to replace our street.. (WAHOO!!!) I told El that if he wanted to get out and go to work, to hurry and well he didn't, and 9am rolled around and he had to drive on already under construction road.... (i was hoping the didn't see him, because i didn't want them to egg my house) (i worry about stupid stuff).. and well he made it, and no eggs as of yet..

Also for the more exciting news, I have been able to feel my little "new baby" kick for a while now, and yesterday El was able to feel he/she.. It was so cool, because he hasn't felt any babies kick this early ever.. So it was really cool..

Everything here is going good.. and I am happy about that.. The kids register for school tomorrow (yippee) and then they start school on the 25th.. I know they can't wait and really neither can I.. They are all very ready.. And so am i....

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  1. Those first few baby kicks are SO exciting. My friend at work is just a few weeks ahead of you with her first baby and her husband recently felt theirs for the first time. It helps the time start to go faster.