Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gannon & the Nickle

For any of you who know Gannon, you know that he is quite the character.. I could wright a book about him and how he makes my life complete.. But, what many of you don't know, is that this cute, precious boy is also very, very, very naughty!!!! As we speak, he is trying to punch the keyboard because he knows that I am trying to write.. He is a big boy.. Much bigger than any other 2 year old I know.. Infact, he is almost taller than my 4 year old and he definitely out weights my 4 year old.. So needless to say, he is a force to recon with..

Yesterday I was talking to El on the phone when I noticed that Gannon was jumping on the couch with something sliver in his mouth.. I thought it was a whistle that he was blowing earlier so I ran to him, swiped my finger in his mouth and nothing.. I then realized that it couldn't be the whistle and that it was a nickle. I pulled away from him because I thought he was going to choke on it, then I noticed that the twit had hid it in his cheek.. (yes.. I said twit) I went to get it out and before I could, He swallowed it.. On purpose.. Then he started to laugh like he had just done the greatest trick on me ever.. (i wish i had a clip of his naughty laugh)

He is my 6th child.. And never before have I had a child swallow money.. I of corse freaked out.. And El is on the phone listening to the whole thing play out.. I hear a chuckle (Gannon gets the naughty from El) and then El tells me not to freak out.. But I did..

So here we are.. Waiting for it to pass.. Now I have to look at his poo.. I HATE POO!!!


  1. I hope this chapter of your life passes quickly. Hee hee. I'm so funny.

  2. Wow, a nickle! That doesn't sound fun. My baby sister had a habit of sticking things up her nose. Once she got a popcorn kernal up there so far she had to have a doctor remove it. He scared her to death and to this day she still hates doctors (15 years later). I say it serves her right.