Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!


Today my twins turn 9 years old! WOW.. that is just crazy.. This morning El asked them what they wanted for their special birthday dinner, and they both wanted brenner.. (breakfast for dinner) Yep.. they are totally hard to please! So we will be having french toast & stuff..

Morgan & Kylah in 2003.. O.. I love my twins

I love my girls so much! they bring so much light into our home and they are always willing to do what ever it takes to make this family feel special! I am so glad Heavenly Father has sent them to me!!!


  1. What darling girls. I don't think I have never seen either one be anything but sweet and kind to everyone. They truly are very, very special girls. But I may be a little biased as their Uncle Sarah

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I love that they want brenner! That is cute! They are gorgeous!

  3. Happy Birthday to two of the most beautiful twins ever. What a great day for you guys. And I have to say that they are girls after my own heart, I LOVE brenner! Cute way to say it.

  4. OH, Happy Birthday! They are looking so old!

  5. Stinkin Cute Girls!!! Happy Birthday-a day late! I miss my little piano students! It was so fun to see you guys. We definitely need to get our families together. Savannah has been talking about Emer ever since!

  6. Hey Angie. That is too cute! You are so blessed to have those precious twin girls!