Friday, October 24, 2008

McCain vs Obama... HELP ME

So I know that the election is only 12 days away, and I should at least have an idea of who to vote for, but I don't. I have a great conflict of who to vote for, because from the things that I have heard/seen on TV or read on the net, I like both. Is that stupid?? I am not at all politically savvy. I have watched (from what I could handle) all of the debates. (Because of the high anxiety I have it was really hard for me to watch any of them) Is it lame for me to be confused? Can any of you help me? I am not looking for any type of WAR on my blog.. I will not even judge you. I just need some help. I guess help in understanding why one vs the other. Thanks in advance.. If you don't want to post your opinion on my blog, that is cool too. You can just shoot me a quick email at and I will keep it private!!!


  1. Angie, I have to say that I am with you, I am so so so so not into politics and my mom gets mad at me that I really should be since it affects me. I don't really like either of them, that's my opinion, but then again I don't know much about them either. Good luck and let me know too, okay!

  2. I'm with you and Amy...You hear good and bad about both! Something I heard today that made me laugh was "Both parties have gotten our economy into the mess we are in, so why would we think either one of them will fix things?" I think we are kinda screwed with either of them...but I too don't know much about them either! Good luck!

  3. Angie, Angie, Angie...there are so many differences between the two of them its not even funny. First though I have to say, that the economy is the dems fault, but you wont hear about that on the news because the news is bias. Here's why its the dems...they passed a bill that said these banks HAD to give out a certain number of bad loans, or loans to the needy who cant afford it. There has actually been law suits against the banks from dems suing them because they haven't given out enough bad loans. Mccain was the one who actually tried to fix this problem two years ago. he tried to pass a bill to change that rule, but it got thrown out! Here are some other differences...

    Obama: Wants to legalise killing a baby after it has lived through an abortion!!!!! (yes it is true!)

    Mccain: Wants to give the right back to the states to vote on abortion laws for themselves.

    Obama: wants to "spread the wealth" like robin hoods time, take money from the rich and give to the poor. (you'd be amazed at who he considers to be rich)

    Mccain: wants to cut taxes for everyone, especially since businesses and americans are all struggling right now.

    Obama: Is friends will Bill Ayers, who is an anti-american terrorist, who has bombed multiple places in america, He has also attended the same church for 20 years, where his precher has been preaching anti-american jargon.

    Mccain: He was a prisoner of war survivor. He has served this country most of his life. By going to war, and then serving in the senate for 20 plus years. So we don't have to wonder about his motives.

    Obama's only experience is his 3 years in the senate, which he accomplished NOTHING.

    I could go on forever, but I wont. I just want the guy who loves this country and has the best track record, I don't like to listen to what they say now, because they will say anything to get into office. Look at their history and what they have accomplished, and once you've done that the decision will be very easy.

  4. Thank you Becky! I have been so confused too. I am not really impressed with either of them. But I liked what she said. Unfortunately I just found out that I am not even registered to vote! What a loser I am

  5. I just read your blog and what Becky read. I agree you should vote for McCain for all the reasons she stated and so many more. Obama doesn't even have a voting record from the senate because he voted "present" instead of yes or no on the important issues so there is no way of knowing what he will do as president. I don't agree with everything McCain stands for but he is definitely the better choice. (Just my opinion) Good luck in making the decision.

  6. I feel like I have been very pro-active this election in learning about the candidates, but I still am not quite sure where my vote will go. Anyway, I felt I should clarify a few things for you. I hope to not stir up bad feelings but I just thought I should address these things.

    1. Obama DOES NOT WANT to legalize killing a baby after a failed abortion. But when that vote came up when he was in the Illinois State Senate he voted NO to a law prohibiting that practice. Still not a good thing, but not exactly the same as campaigning for the legalization of killing babies.

    2. Obama's tax plan is just reinstating the tax on the wealthy that existed before Bush's tax cuts. That tax rate would go from 36% back to 39%. And we are not the wealthy who have to worry about that. Plus, ask yourself, do you think the Bush tax cuts helped our country?

    3. McCain has served this country in the military and the Senate, but this doesn't automatically make him trustworthy or that we know his motives. Hitler, Stalin they served in their countries' militaries.

    Anyway, I think the best thing you or anyone else reading this can do is look at their websites. Not CNN, MSNBC, FOXNEWS. Read what the candidates have to say.

  7. Here is my response to what Veena was saying...

    1. He acutally voted for that law, and every time he is questioned about it, he changes the subject and says the real way to prevent this is by se-ed in schools.

    2. Bush's tax cuts expire in a few years anyway, when they do, the higher tax bracket will expand to all those making 43,000 and up. Obama proposes to tax those that make 200,000 or more. That isn't very much money. I think that lowering taxes always helps the economy. It creates more jobs because business owners pay less to the government and can afford to pay more to their employees. (I am a business owner, so I understand this concept very well)

    3. I think, Veena, if you actually heard the story of what Mccain went through for this country, I don't think you would say things like that about him. Yes it is true Hitler had a war, but he was fighing for bondage and power. Mccain/Americans were fighting to protect our freedoms we enjoy today. With that being said, is he perfect in every way...ABSOLUTELY NOT! There are plenty of things I dont agree with him...but Obama has a history of surrounding himself with radical, insane people...I dont trust him.

    4. If you don't trust Mccain...does that mean Obama is someone who is trustworthy? We don't know anything about him. That is why it is not good to listen to what they are saying right now...because they will say anything to get into office. Obama is a great speaker, he is good at making people believe what he thinks is good, and guess who else was that way...Yep, HITLER!

    Plain and simple, this country was based on democracy. Obama simple thinks the Government should run everything, which is called Socialism. We need to stay away from that. Our forfathers built this country on democracy principles, which is why it has been successfull all these years.

    Okay i'll stop ranting now. Thanks for listening.

  8. Ahh...the fun of politics!! What would people have to debate about if we didn't have such a heated election?

    That's what's great about this country--we are all free to have our own opinions and to voice them.