Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year! It is so strange how all of a sudden one year is gone and another is starting.
Here are my top five things that I would like to do this new year.. We will see if they happen.
1. Have a new baby.. (Yeah, it will happen eventually..or will it??) :)
2. Have a nice lawn.. Our lawn has suffered the last 2 years, but it is my mission this spring to make it look so good! Kind of lame I know.. But hey I need a nice soft lawn..
3. Be more patient!!! growing up I was told many a time that patients is not one of my virtues. and it really isn't. But I am gonna try dang it!
4. Not complain about laundry.. I'm just gonna do it and deal with it.. No more complaining!! (yeah right) :)
and finally
5. Potty train Gannon.. We will see how that goes.. I'm sure it will involve more poo than I want to deal with!

Happy New Year everyone!! I have great faith that it will be good!!!


  1. Happy New Year to you too!! Those are great goals!! Patience is not one of my greatest strengths either!! Your not alone!! :)

  2. Hey I think thosebare great goals! Can't wait for your little on to come!

  3. The laundry one made me laugh! I HATE laundry! And I don't know why- it's just another thing that has to be done. I make myself do 2 loads every morning before I'm allowed to do anything. I make my bed first and then I dump the clean loads on it. I try to get it folded before I'm all the way awake- then it almost feels like I didn't have to do it. Funny! I can't wait till our new little one is here. I love you!!!