Thursday, August 5, 2010

And then there were 2...

School is fastly approaching.. Where did this summer go? We have been running around like chickens without heads.. Samantha starts Jr. High (WHAT?) on the 20th, the other girls start back on the 23rd, Korban starts on Sept 1st...
I am so excited for all of the kids to be able to go to school and have a great time. I think they are ready too.. But, it makes me sad to think that I will only have 2 at home. What will we do??

Some big news is that El went to SLCC to talk to them about how many credits he could carry over if he were to go back, and they told him that he gets all of them! SO, he only needs to take two classes and then he will have his Associates.. That is so awesome! He applied that day and we should hear back anytime if he gets to start. So if he does, then he will start of the 25th.. Then his hopes are to transfer to a University to get his Bachelors. He isn't sure what he wants to major in so I will have to keep that updated.

Now the question is, should I go?? I think that if I were to go, then I would just take a couple of classes online and just work slowly.. I'm not sure if that is something that I want to do. If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment!

That is really what is going on with life here. I am just hoping that we can go to the 240 once more before school starts and get some last minute fun in!!!


  1. I'll only have 2 (well, of my own) home too! School starting is always kinda sad :( As far as you going back to school, I think it would be awesome! Especially if you were just starting with online classes. It would give you a little something of your own to do. But if you don't, that's cool too, because you ARE a mother of 7 crazy kids, and that is quite an accomplishment too!!

  2. Good for El! Heather did school part time for many years while we were married. She would take 1 or 2 classes at a time online or at the USU extension center in SLC. Maybe try 1 class to see how it goes. If you only have 2 at home it would be easier to get some work done during the day. If the 1 class is too much, then you can wait until all of the kids are in school. That is exciting!