Saturday, August 21, 2010


Time is flying! My kids start school on Monday. El starts on Wednesday. Where did this summer go?
O RIGHT! We were everywhere..
I am so grateful that we were able to do so many things together this summer. It seems like El worked harder than ever (and he didn't even have a job). He has lost a tun of weight. He just shaved his face and he has a bony chin... I am pretty sure that he isn't supposed to loose all of this weight without me. But, I guess it is okay since he has really be working out hard!
I took Samantha to Jr. High orientation on Friday. Can I just say that I am really not excited to have a child in Jr. High. It seems like yesterday I was holding this little person and freaking out that I would break her. But now she is this 5'6" tall supermodel!!! She is so tall and so skinny. Before long (about a week or so) she will be taller than I am... BOO HOO!
I took Emer, Morgan and Kylah all to their classes to meet their teachers and get the lay of the laws for each class. Luckily I like all of their teachers and I am sure they will all have such a great year! I am mostly looking forward to seeing them all grow with their talents in academics.
I take Korban in for testing on Monday. I am really not sure how he will do. He is so stubborn and I am just fretting how he will do. I am super glad that I kept him home last year. I am hoping that will make the difference for him!
Gannon will be sad that all of the kids will be gone for the day. But maybe he will be okay with it, once he realizes that he won't have to share a computer with the kids all day.. That just might make him happy.
Helam will go crazy without Kylah. She is his little mother! He clings to her like no other. I will also miss her during the day, because with her, I can get some projects done!
It makes me sad to think all of my family is just growing so fast. I wish I could keep them all little Kindergartners forever...

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