Thursday, December 2, 2010


So here they are! My attempts on being "crafty". Let me just say this: I really enjoyed doing these crafts and I look forward to getting better at them. My brains ideas are so much better than what my hands actually created!

My "Martha Stewart" veggie tray for Thanksgiving! I really thought it was cute. Also, note the beautiful purple punch bowl in the back ground. That was my yummy attempt at making LimeRickies... SO SO SO GOOD!!!

Here is my fist attempt at an Advent Calendar. My Mom has accepted it. (thank goodness) I like the size of it. Not so much the color choice...

Second Advent Calendar.. I like how this one turned out! The size is pretty big, but I know that it will work for my sister Crystal! The reason that I decided to make these on my own, is because one: at a store I went to, I saw one and loved it, but it was falling apart! YIKES. And two: this blog that I follow had great ideas.. I will be making more in the future with the hopes they will turn out more like this.
Christmas village.. For my sister Crystal. I bought the houses from Hobby Lobby for super cheap! I did all of the painting and decor by myself! I LOVE THEM! I will be making many more in the future!


  1. You need to give yourself more credit! You are so crafty and talented!

  2. Wowzers are amazing!! LOVE it.

  3. Angie, your advent calendars are AWESOME!!! Great job! I love food crafts, and what a cute idea to make your own Christmas Village! I always think they are so cute, but the ones in the stores are pretty pricey! I look forward to seeing many more crafts in the future!!!