Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lost in Translation...

I seriously feel lost! I keep looking at other peoples blogs and I feel like I have alot to write about. BUT, the words just don't flow! I feel I have missed the opportunity on posting big events that have happened this month. But then I look over my calendar or other journal entries that I have and there were really only two big events...

The first event: Helam turned 2... TWO... But in reality it feels like my baby is 4 going on five.
Then I remember that my baby that is 4 going on 5 is Gannon..

The second event: Emer got Baptised. All I can really tell you about that day, was Helam turned two and I was busy doing so many other things that I feel I cheated my son out of a party. But then again, if he even has a memory of his second birthday it will be that there was a party and hopefully he will remember that he was the center of attention. O WAIT! He was, because he is a million miles and hour and I am sure he stole all of Emers thunder!

The worst part of the day, was that I forgot my camera! SO, I don't have a single picture (at least one that I would have taken) of El and Emer together...
It was an amazing day! Not only did my baby girl get baptised, but I got to hear El's amazing testimony. The love that he has for our children is so amazing! It really is one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced in this world. He is such an amazing person!

I wish I could remember all of the wonderful things that were said on that day. But all I could really think about was this family that I have is awesome!

As I sit here and write this, I just have to post something that I think is so cute. But all of my 2 readers will think i'm a meanypants.. Helam is sick with a cold and a cough.. The thing that is so cute about it is this: When he talks, his voice is all raspy and when he giggles it just makes my heart melt~! He sounds like a 90 old man whos voice box has had its last whisper.. :)

I know! MEAN! But to make it all better, just know this: I have been sick too..


  1. Angie I totally feel the same I just don't blog at all!! :)

  2. Yay for Emer, how fun!! Tell her congrats and Helam 2, seriously???? Time is going by WAAAAYYYY too fast. I love your updates, PLEASE keep them coming! See you next week, woo hoo we get 2 bunko's in a row, :)