Tuesday, May 12, 2009

While I have a sec...

I know that you all probably think that I have a serious condition with the computer and facebook because I seem to always be on it, well I would just like to explain...

My rocking chair is in my office, because in my office it is warm.. When we brought Helam home I had El put my chair in the office because I wanted to seclude myself (I KNOW! total sign of depression) and I haven't had him pull it out, because I am still getting cold and I want a quite place to nurse him. Well the reason for the facebooking and being on the computer and not replying to peoples blogs is because my baby right now is always wanting the boob. So, I only have one free hand to use the mouse with, and I get bored out of my mind! So that is why all of the facebooking..

So this early morning while I was up feeding the baby I was online reading peoples posts and thought that when I get a second, I will jump in and comment! So I have! WAHOO! I'm glad that is off of my chest!
I don't know what it is, but I love it when people comment on my posts! It makes me feel part of something! And I am part of something special!

Before I started to blog, I really didn't know much of El's family. But since people have started blogging and I have started to blog, I feel excited to have gotten to know you all! Even my friends! Who knew?!?

So thanks to all of you who read my mundane blog, and comment.. Thanks for taking time out of your days to see what it is that Crazy Angie is up to.. (I know.. Not that much) Thanks for your support and being my outlet..


  1. Thanks for your comment on my post! I have been a way slacker on commenting too. I, like you, have a baby in my arms or am feeding her also. It's one of my very few down times. One handed typing just doesn't cut it! I love to stay connected with everyone though, it's so great. Hey, btw, bunko next Friday! See you there girlie!

  2. I too love how easy it is to stay connected with everyone between blogging and facebook. And, typing one-handed in impossible!

  3. You are funny!! Don't feel bad...I always read the blogs becuase I usually the time to comment...then I feel bad when I don't too!! Facebook is much faster becuase you can comment much faster so I understand!!