Friday, May 8, 2009


Here is my reality... I'm so tired and overwhelmed sometimes that I have NO idea of what is going on. Sometimes I just sit back and laugh at all of the goings on around me. So, here are a couple of things that have been happening in my reality.
Helam is now 4 months old today. WHAT??!!? How did that happen so fast? He is the most precious baby ever! He sleeps well and eats really well. Well he eats well if he isn't being bothered. He likes it to be quite and dark and no one around. I think it is because when ever he hears something going on, he has to watch, listen and mostly smile. He is such a smiley baby. I just love him! Also, yesterday I had El cut off his Mohawk. It was getting to crazy. So my baby boy has lost his "Samson" hair. He is also getting very, very tall. Or long however you would like to look at it. I keep telling El that we need to put the crib up and then something happens and we haven't gotten around to it. So, my giant baby is still sleeping in the bassinet. My Giant in his bed...
With his mohawk.. How fun.
Now with is hair cut.. He looks bigger now!

Kylah came home from school this week very upset about one of her friends who had lied to her mother and she came unglued. This is the same Kylah who last week when I told her that Salina Gomez (the wizards of waverley place) was dating Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) came unglued and told me that she was going to punch her in the face and make her bleed.. WHAT THA? I know. At least she has conviction... Little does Kylah realize that she will not marry Taylor Lautner and if he had interest in her, I would make him bleed in the face....

My sweet Morgan is finally coming out of her sweet all the time sister phase and is kind of getting a bit mean.. At least to her siblings. I think it is because school is getting ready to be over and she is just about at her wits end. She always wants to be outside and if that isn't in the cards for that day, she becomes a bit of a meany pants.. O.. I hope this summer goes smoothly.

Samantha and Emer are such great little mothers.. Sam has been my saving grace so much lately. She is always taking time to take care of the others when I am trying to focus my attention on at least one of my kids.. This morning I heard Emer tell Korban "If your not going to play the Wii then I'm gonna turn it off... One, Two alright that's it!" WOW.. I wonder where she got that from.. EL

Korban and Gannon are growing and being sweet and crazy all at the same time. I have decided that I am going to keep Korban home for another year and start school in 2010-2011 school year for him. It is for the best and I am excited to have him home for another year.
Gannon is a ball of fire.. He is red spider man one minute then black spider man the next. I'm going to have to get video of him crawling in the hallway being a spider. It is so funny! He is also really still attached to bottles.. I have tried multiple times to take them away.. I'M A LOOSER! I can't bare to hear him upset.. And potty training him is a whole other story.. He will be in diapers on his mission!

For me, well I have been struggling with so many things. I think my hormones are still trying to get into check. My milk is starting to go away and that is so upsetting to me. I have been eating like a horse and drinking like an elephant, but I'm still having to supplement a couple of times a day. I'm really hoping that things will start to turn around, because I hate not feeding my babies until at least a year. I stopped Gannon at about 10 months and right after that, he was instantly sick for about a year.. NOT FUN!
Also, I have now realized that being 31 is the pits! Two weeks ago, I threw my back out jump roping and trying to loose weight isn't really working for me. I have now been working out with my Wii Fit and I can feel to soreness of my body, but I think it is helping a little bit.

Okay enough of my rant! Life is good. Just crazy at time. I hope this summer will be a relaxing time for my family, because I really need to relax!


  1. You are right-Helam looks so long, especially in the bassinet. I can't even imagine how tiring it is to chase and care for your large family. I'm exhausted and we only have 2 kids! Good luck staying afloat. I know you can do it.

  2. Angie,
    You are amazing. I know what it is to have a large family. If you get to close one eye at night to sleep for a couple of hours it is a good night. And the diapers. I had three in diapers, twice. Ahhhhhh! Anyway, even though it is so hectic when they are young, I'd love to go back and read them another book or play another game. Anything but clean the house more or do another load of laundry, cause who cares?
    Love, Sarah

  3. Oh I just want to eat his little cheeks up! What a doll he is, how did 4 months go by, WOWZERS!!! So all I can say to being 31 is try being 33 almost 34 and still having babies, at least you can get your body back and it's easier the younger you are. You will. Sure do love you and hope you had a Happy Mothers Day!