Friday, May 22, 2009


On Sunday the 17th of this month, Helam officially had one of his little bottom baby teeth break through. And as of this morning the other one has too.. My baby is to young to have his teeth coming in so early. He has been handling it pretty good. Only a few bad days and today he is such a sweet boy! And when he smiles, you can see his little pearly whites..
I have tried (really really tried) to get a picture or video worth showing, but he is a little pest with the camera. Once he sees it he wants it in his hands. I will keep working on it!!!


  1. The early teeth must definitely be a Murphy gene. Will got his teeth early, Jeff had his early and so did all his siblings, too. It's foreign to me but it sure makes the babies seem SO much older.

  2. Crazy! I am glad that he is handling it so well!

  3. Oh my gosh he is the cutest. I wish so so bad I would have held him last night, it just kind of was crazy for a bit. So so good to see you last night, I wish I would have talked a little more with you! I miss you! Thanks for coming down.