Thursday, May 14, 2009

Helams 4 Month Check Up...

Today I took Helam to his 4 month check up.. He was a little trooper with the 3 shoots that he had to get, as well as the oral vaccine that he had. My baby is a big boy. Here is the run down:

Weight: at 2 months he weighed 14.2 lbs at 4 months he weighed in at a whooping 19.6 lbs. 100+ percentile.. WOOZERS!

Height: at 2 months he was 24.2 inches and at 4 months he was 26.5 inches. 100 percentile.

Head Circumference: at 2 months: 15.6 inches and 4 months: 16.6 inches. So I guess he doesn't have the "Murphy Noggin".

He is growing very well and he is doing well! The one thing that wasn't so good, is that my kid has a lopsided head. Since he has been born he always favors turning his head to the right side and well that is causing some problems. So today my sweet Doctor told me that if we don't start to treat this and work his next muscles and have him turn his head to the left more than about 6 times a day and work it out with some stretches, my sweet boy will have to wear a helmet. WHAT THA WHAT?? You would think that with Helam being my 7th I would have seen it all, but NO, I haven't.. So needless to say, we are working him out! Will keep updates on how it is all going!

NOW, I have to just get something off of my chest. If it offends, please feel free to cuss me out! I will be okay with it. While I was in the waiting area of the office a family came out and was gathering their stickers and this girl who was 8 years old (i over heard her mother and her talking about her age) was goofing off and having a good old time, and every time she spoke to her mother she spoke in what I can only describe as "baby talk".. This has to be one of my top pet peeves.. When ever my kids EVEN start to do that crap I freak out! I can see it if you are under the age of say 5.. BUT 8 FREAKING YEARS OLD!!! COME ON!
Okay, enough of my rant and judgement. I know that God and I will have a long drawn out discussion on my issues and I am prepared to argue my case. It is a good thing that He loves me!


  1. Wow what a chunker!! I love chunky babies, but mine all come, and stay tiny! I agree with you about the baby talk thing. My 4 your old doesn't even talk to me like that. 8 years old is weird!

  2. Wow, he is such a big boy. I know you can help him with the neck stretches and prevent the helmet!
    As far as the baby talk, it is also one of my pet peeves. I don't even like it when parents talk to their babies in baby talk. I just think it reinforces the child's horrible diction. How can they learn to speak when the parent isn't speaking correctly?

  3. What a big big boy, seriously how funny that he weighs 4 pounds lighter than Mya. I love little chubby babies, so just keep feeding that cute little guy. Glad he's doing okay. Let us know how the working with his head thing goes. Good luck!!

    So Bunko is at my house on Friday, woo hoo! Can't wait to see you!!!

  4. I can't believe he is 4 months!!! Time sure does fly by!! Keep updated with his little head...hope you can strengthen it and not have to have the helmet. :( I am with you with the pet peeve!!! A lot of things irritate me though...Joe always tells me "what doesn't bug you??" lol!!