Sunday, December 20, 2009


I sometimes wonder how I ended up with so many girls. When I was about 13 years old, I wanted 6 boys.. ALL BOYS! And then after the 4th girl I seriously had doubts that I would ever have any boys at all. So when I got pregnant for the 4th time, (with Korban) I remember telling El that if this baby wasn't a boy, I was DONE! So you can imagine my excitement when I went to fetal fotos at like 14 weeks along to see what I was having. (because I just couldn't wait an extra 6 weeks! HELLO, I can NOT handle not knowing!) Anywhoo, it was a BOY! Then, to top it all off, I had two more.

Most days, Korban and Gannon love to wrestle. They think it is so awesome to fight and hit and pinch and bite. I think that Heavenly Father knew what he was doing when he sent my girls first. Because if I would have had 4 boys, that would have been it! No more! That is how frazzled these boys make me feel sometimes. The thing about the fighting with the boys, is that it is what they like to do! I can yell till I am blue in the face at them to stop, I can put them in corners, put them in their room, it just doesn't matter. They will just keep on. So you can imagine my surprise and amazement on Thursday when I was working on the computer and I turn around to see what they are doing, because they are being so quiet and this is what I see...

This is when I think to myself, ah, boys aren't that bad!


  1. Oh what little angels they are, there is no way that those little faces could cause any problems, :)
    LOVE the pics. Hope you guys are having a great holiday season.