Monday, December 28, 2009


The holiday's are nearly over, and can I just say HALLELUJAH! I am so freaking happy! Don't get me wrong, Christmas time is awesome and so are all of the birthdays, but the month of December has been just a drag for me this year. The weather has been crappy and don't even get me started on the smog of the craptastic city!

I just re-read all of that and WOW, I'm in a fine mood!

But really, I am going to be happy when the month is over...

We had a great Christmas day and we were able to eat good food and visit with family! That is what matters most.

O, and I just realized, I know why my mood sucks, I'M getting OLD! For the love of all that is good and Holy, I wish that I didn't have to get old.. And really, I'm not that old. BUT still. I just would have loved to stay 27...

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  1. Hey you, I know I'm feeling like an old lady too, it sucks huh? Please tell me I will see you at Bunko this month, I want to catch up. Oh and by the way, I get SOOOO many compliments on your darling blanket you made for Wilson, it's so stinkin cute!