Monday, December 14, 2009

The first two of four...

On Saturday, it was Samantha's 12th birthday! I can't even believe that I have been a Momma for 12 years. It is so crazy to me.
Samantha is growing up to be such an amazing young woman. She is such a helper to our family. She is always willing to help out with all of the children and I look forward to (someday) seeing her as a mother. (but not for like 40 years :) ). She is also such a talented singer and she is so good at baking and crafts.
Yesterday was her first day in Young Women's. She loved it! Such a change from Primary... But our ward was so good to her and she was so excited! Happy Birthday my sweet Sammy Kay! I love you so much!

Today marks El's 34th birthday! WOOZERS he is getting OLD! Just kidding honey! I am so blessed to have El in my life. Sometimes I wonder why we never met earlier or if we never would have met at all and let me tell you, I don't know if I would have had a purpose without him. He is such an amazing father and husband. He takes care of all of us and he never leaves any of my children out. He truly is my soul mate and I am so happy that we are married for time and all eternity! Happy Birthday to you "husband"! I love, love, love you!!!


  1. Happy Birthday to a beautiful young lady and to a really cool old man, hee hee. Hope they had good ones. Hey thanks so much for the darling blanket, you are so sweet to make it and bring it all the way down. I wished we could have visited longer. You're are such a sweetie you know.

  2. Happy birthday Sam and El. I am so sad that you guys aren't going to be here in the neighborhood anymore. I will especially miss Sam and you other kids in primary. They are always so good to help and participate.