Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The joys of my babies!!

I can honestly say today has been the craziest day for my kids (and it is only 2:30).. Maybe it is the weather..
Emer wanted to take a bath before school, so I ran her one and then Korban decided he wanted in to.. Okay.. No prob.. I leave the bathroom for 1 minute then I hear this crazy laughter and I run in and there is Gannon.. I the tub.. He took his diaper off, but not the shirt.. It was the cutest thing!
Then I took Emer to school.. All was great, then on the way home (mind you it is a two minute drive) (and yes, I drive her.. I am lazy) I hear Korban screaming.... I look in the rear view mirror and Gannon who is in his car seat has somehow gotten a hold of Korban and they are hitting and pinching each other.. Then I realize that Gannon gave Korban a bloody nose.. What the crap?? Can't brothers just love each other all day for at least one day??
AHH.. I can't wait till the girls all get home from school to see what else transpires!


  1. What a fun and crazy day!! It wouldn't be lively without your kiddos, right? :)

  2. They keep you on your toes don't they?

  3. Ok, first of all, what cute pics of Emer on her first day of school, what a cutie pie. Your little campout looks fun too.

    Loved all your quirks, I'm with you on making an invention for the laundry, what to you say.

    And for your crazy day, way funny! Now imagine a screaming baby amongst it all, HEAVEN!