Friday, September 5, 2008

Pic's of our Desert Camp trip & Emers first day of Kindergarten

Me & the kids.. Don't look at my fatty legs.
El & wishful thinking.. (Morgan found this 1/2 of a deer or Elk horn.. she reluctantly gave it to Uncle Jason)

Aunt Meri.. She is a total cutie!!!

Gannon, Korban & Emer checking out the horn

Gannon and all his cuteness.. He loved rock climbing!

Katara our Mountain Dog..

El & the kids at the top of some rocks!! They had a great time...

Emer after she got home. Yesterday was her first day of Kindergarten

Emer waiting in line.. She was nervous!

My baby girl Emer.. O I love her.. I love even more that she wants to go back to school.. (I was worried)

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  1. What cute pictures! Congratulations on having a boy!! That is exciting! :) Hope you are feeling better!!