Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thanks Amy! This one made me think...

*I am......

*I am....Listening to my kids get ready for school

*I think....I need to have more patients

*I know....That God loves me!

*I take a vacation...

*I have....a nasty cold.

*I miss....Nothing really...

*I much.

*I little new baby jumping in my belly like a Kangaroo

*I hear....Korban singing some superhero song.

*I smell....Nada. My nose is all stuffy

*I crave....El's home made salsa! YUMMY

*I cry....about everything all the time.. DANG HORMONES

*I search...for Gannon's gloves.. He always has to be wearing them lately.

*I wonder....if my new baby will be healthy

*I regret....not going to college

*I wish....El could work from home and I could work with him.

*I love....the life that I have!

*I care....about how I make people feel. (does that make sense?)

*I always....have to watch spongebob! ARGH

*I worry....about what the world is coming to

*I am strong as I would like to be.

*I remember....the first time I saw El.. AH.. what a dream boat!

*I believe....that my family can get through anything!

*I sing...all the time.. I love to sing. I should be a pro! Just Kidding

*I don't always....think before I speak

*I argue....with my tweens!

*I write....not very much..

*I lose....with my tweens most of the time..

*I the giggles of my kids playing..

*I don't understand...why the world never speaks of the good and just focus' on the bad.

*I can usually be my PJ's.. They are really the only thing that fit.

*I take a shower.

*I forget....what life was like before my kids.

*I am happy....that I have a huge family!!!

I tag anyone who would like to share!!


  1. Woo Hoo you did it. It does make you think huh? I loved it, yours was great. Especially now I'm craving El's salsa, thanks! Have a good day okay.

  2. I love that you have a huge family! You are super mom! One day I want to be like you!... :)