Monday, September 29, 2008


So on August 25th Murray City decided that because we had two water main breaks during the winter, they needed to replace all of the main water lines! NO PROBLEM right?? Well I didn't think so.. But our road is still torn up, we have new water lines, new gutter & driveway entries and we are supposed to have our road repaved this week..
The reason for the ARGH is, it has been a long time!! We can't park on our street, or pull in our driveway.. It is just a pain..
I guess I have to look at the bright side and realize that it is "supposed" to be complete by the end of the week.. That is what the construction guys tell me.. But what it reminds me of, is the movie the "MONEY PIT".. if you haven't seen it, please is old, but funny.. The owners of the house keep asking "how much longer", and the workers keep saying "two weeks".... But in our case they keep saying one week..
We will see how it goes!!!


  1. That deserves an ARGH! Hopefully it's done on time!! Construction is the most annoying thing!!

  2. Good luck, honestly why do they torture us with all the construction? You should see American Fork right now, I swear I try and get across the main street and that road is blocked, so I go to another street and that road is blocked, and on and on and on. Sheesh!