Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Okay.. I know many of you are thinking Are you serious Angie.. don't you do anything but read these books?? And, yes I do.. I clean when I get frustrated with them.. I change all of Gannons POOP STINK diapers and I have even showered..
I have read Twilight, New Moon & the posted version on Stephanie Meyers web site on the Edward version of book 1.. And now I am onto Eclipse..
First I would like to say, I am on chapter 8. I have a feeling I will not be reading this book as fast, because at this moment I think that Bella Swan is a slut.. Yes I said it.. For all of you who don't want to hear this, please turn away now!!!! There is my warning.. What is she thinking? Really, does she think it is cool to be friends with Jake, and think that Edward will just sit by.. Okay he really isn't just sitting by, but COME ON!!! AHHH I am frustrated.. Can you tell. My good friend Heather has told me that this is a great book and I believe her. I really do, but I can not get over the fact that Bella is having the grass is greener on the other side issue..
I can't take it.. Please, please.. someone tell me that they have felt the same way.. Or am I just being to protective of Edward.. This made up character who I love.. (Ladies.. you know what I mean)
AHHHH.. I hope that as I read on, this will all get better..


  1. Ha ha ha! I love it. Keep reading, it gets better. But I think we all hated Bella at one point or another because of how bad we love Edward.

  2. Ahhhhh. The emotions, I remember. I think that's what makes this series so great. I also felt like strangling dear Bella to death, in fact I really didn't like her much in all of them, I think she's a brat. My opinion. I think it's great that you can freely talk about the books, because I think EVERYONE has read them! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ANGIE!!!!????? Glad you're finally on board girl. And EL? What's with you men. I'm going to have David make him a shirt too:)

  3. Angie, you make me laugh. Yes, I was totally mad at Bella in the books. I really wanted Jacob to disappear. Still do in fact. I am also overly protective of a fictional character who is definitely a dream guy! So are you going to the movie?

  4. lol!!I totally felt the SAME way at that point!! Keep reading...the first part of that book is slow to me just because of what's happening! But it gets better!! You are so funny!!