Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's beginning to look & sound like Christmas...

Yesterday, I took my boys to my grandmas house so I could go vote.. On the way there, I was flipping through radio stations when all of a sudden I heard Christmas music.. I immediately changed the station and I hear Emer scream from the back of the van "NO MOM!! change it back!!" So for the rest of the trip I had to listen to Jingle Bells.. Thank you Cozy 106.5 for making me realize that Christmas is only 4 pay checks away.. If you would like to listen click here:

Then to wake up this morning to snow.. WOW.. Who knew the lake effect would really kick in to effect today.. The weather men always say "watch out for the dreaded lake effect" and today they were right! I think we have a couple of inches, and just when I think it is starting to clear up, the snow starts back up again..
I must admit that I really love snow. As long as I don't have to go in it. But the down fall about all of the winter weather, is now I want to put up my beautiful Christmas tree... Then El would kill me and Christmas would be ruined!!

My puppy.. Katara loves the snow..
I guess El will put the BBQ'r away after it all melts.. :(

This is one of the trees in my front yard.. All of the colors look awesome!!


  1. The Christmas music the day after Halloween really makes me mad!! It's made me stop listening to those stations all together! I am actually enjoying the snow though!!

  2. I'm so not ready for Christmas. I want the music to wait until the day after Thanksgiving and everyone to turn off their Christmas lights until then too. But the snow's ok.

  3. I'm not ready for the Christmas music yet either...and really I don't love the snow. I like to look at it, but I would be just fine if it stayed in the mountains!

  4. Sometimes I wish we got snow down here. It is so beautiful!