Monday, November 17, 2008


So after all of this hullabaloo about the Twilight series, I have decided to delve into it. But, not by myself. I have taken my wonderful husband along for the ride. We started reading it together on Saturday night, and well, needless to say after reading until 1 am this morning, we are nearly done. So, the first book will be finished today and we will be onto book 2..
Is it just me, or am I feeling like I did in high school all over again. I have caught myself crying a couple of times, and having butterflies in my tummy..
AHH.. To be young again..


  1. I love that El is reading them with you! But I am so excited you started them. Just in time, too, the movie comes out Friday! YAY!!

  2. Your going to LOVE the series!! I wish Joe would read them, does El like it?? I'm dragging my hubby to the movie at least!! I'm so excited your reading them, once you start you can't stop!!

  3. Oh, I am so proud of you Angie, good job. I told you you would love it. And El, Jake is right there with you. So good to see you at Bunko, you look great. Are you going to the movie?