Monday, November 3, 2008

Final Halloween Pics.. (I am glad it is all over)

Gannon... Baseball Player Korban.. Army Guy Kylah.. Spider Queen

Morgan.. Vampire Emer.. Spider
This pic is for Katie.. El took it.. I am hideous.. This is how Gannon spent his night.. He didn't
think that trick or treating was all that great.. The one time he did get out of the stroller was to run in our Bishops house and he didn't want to leave..
Samantha was at her Dads house and so no pics of her.. But she got a load of candy and she had fun...


  1. Too bad Gannon didn'thave fun grabbing candy. The kids look cute in their costumes.

  2. Cute costumes!
    Thanks for the picture, but what I wanted was the belly! Not that your face isn't beautiful, because it is! :)

  3. Cute costumes!! Your kids all look so cute! Now you get to have the sugar highs!! Yeah for you!:)